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Guess (company)

licenses its brand on other fashion accessories, such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, bags and shoes. Guess began in 1981 as a book of styles started by Georges...

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Timex Group USA

producer of Guess Watches, as part of its "multi-brand strategy". Timex and Disney reunited in 1993 to produce a new line of character watches called Disney...

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Amber Chia

Winner of the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 title, Chia became the first Asian model to campaign for Guess Watches worldwide...

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Watch Shop

earthquake and tsunami. In September 2016, the company worked with Guess watches and the Get In Touch Foundation to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness...

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Nikita Anand

often," she said. Her favourites in her collection are her IWC and Guess watches. Anand also loves shopping destinations Milan, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai...

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List of watch manufacturers

Watches Adriatica A.L.B Atelier Le Brézéguet Alba American Waltham Watch Company Anonimo (watch) Ansonia Apple Inc. Aquastar Aragon Arcadia Watches Armand...

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Timex Group

Timex Ironman, Opex, Nautica), Timex Group Luxury Watches (Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo), Sequel (Guess, Gc), Vertime (Versace, Versus) and Giorgio Galli...

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E. Gluck Corporation

Casio, Guess, Bulova, Movado, and Pulsar. Men's Dress Watches Men's Sport Watches Ladies' Dress Watches Themed-dials Ladies' Sport Watches Armitron...

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Martian Watches

Martian was teaming up with Guess to launch a range of branded smartwatches. On 24 May, 2018, it was announced that Martian Watches will cancel the mVoice...

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to give up his claim to the child if she can guess his name within three days. The queen's many guesses fail. But before the final night, she wanders...

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Holland's Next Top Model season 4

to be the best performer. As her prize, she received a set of Guess Swiss Made Watches and a first class limousine ride, which she chose to share with...

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Canon of Sherlock Holmes

publication in The Strand Magazine, including "The Story of the Man with the Watches" (published in July 1898, with illustrations by Frank Craig). It was collected...

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Nymphia Wind

Nymphia Wind lives in a supportive family with her mother, who often watches her shows and helps her drag. Her granduncle was Ts'ao Yung-ho, a historian...

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List of I Dream of Jeannie episodes

as Jeannie's Mother. Peter Brocco as Turhan. Magda Harout as Woman. 3 3 "Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?" Alan Rafkin Tom Waldman, Frank Waldman...

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List of Mad episodes

that attacks the city. This turns out to be a monster movie DJ Lance Rock watches, believing this would never happen to him, but he is proven wrong when...

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Leave the World Behind (film)

elevated radiation levels in many U.S. cities. She finds a DVD of Friends and watches the series finale. Julia Roberts as Amanda Sandford Mahershala Ali as G...

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Desperate Housewives season 6

Susan and Mike's financial woes result in the ultimate sacrifice. 134 23 "I Guess This Is Goodbye" David Grossman Alexandra Cunningham May 16, 2010 (2010-05-16)...

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List of Equinox episodes

turbocharged engine, with a few minutes of new content; in May 1987 Peter Collins watches the previous San Marino Grand Prix; Ford Cosworth V6 B187 cars: engine...

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Cross reported this to their headquarters and left very little room for guessing whom they suspected: the Hagana. The Red Cross reports describe a sudden...

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Man on the Moon (film)

often perform as Clifton in routines where Kaufman appeared as himself) watches in the audience. Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman / Tony Clifton / Latka Gravas...

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Guess (company)

Guess Inc. (styled as GUESS or Guess?) is an American clothing company, notable for its black-and-white advertisements. Guess licenses its brand on other fashion accessories, such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, bags and shoes.

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