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Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso Ufficiale OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [dʒenˈnaːro ɡatˈtuːzo]; born 9 January 1978) is an Italian former professional footballer...

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Feast of San Gennaro

The Feast of San Gennaro (in Italian: Festa di San Gennaro) is an Italian-American festival. Originally a one-day religious commemoration, the festival...

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juˈɛəriəs/ JAN-yoo-AIR-ee-əs; Latin: Ianuarius; Neapolitan and Italian: Gennaro), also known as Januarius I of Benevento, was Bishop of Benevento and is...

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Gennaro (disambiguation)

Naples. Gennaro may also refer to: Gennaro Angiulo Gennaro Arcucci Gennaro Bizzarro Gennaro Gattuso Gennaro Langella Gennaro Di Napoli Gennaro Righelli...

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Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo, (Italian pronunciation: [dʒenˈnaːro konˈtaldo]; born 20 January 1949) is an Italian known for his association with his British protégé...

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Gennaro Angiulo

Gennaro Jay "Jerry" Angiulo Sr. (Italian pronunciation: [dʒenˈnaːro ˈandʒulo]; March 20, 1919 – August 29, 2009) was an American New England mob underboss...

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Peter Gennaro

Peter Gennaro (November 23, 1919 – September 28, 2000) was an American dancer and choreographer. Gennaro was born in Metairie, Louisiana. He made his Broadway...

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Gomorrah (TV series)

family also consists of his wife Immacolata (Maria Pia Calzone) and son, Gennaro (Salvatore Esposito). The show also features rival crime boss Salvatore...

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Gennaro Tutino

Gennaro Tutino (born 20 August 1996) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Serie A club Salernitana on loan from Napoli. A...

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DeGennaro or De Gennaro is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Gaetano De Gennaro Italian-Brazilian artist, sculptor Giovanni...

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Gennaro Licciardi

Gennaro Licciardi (Secondigliano, November 30, 1956 – Voghera, August 3, 1994) was a powerful Italian Camorrista in the north region of Naples, founder...

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Tony Sirico

Gennaro Anthony Sirico Jr. (/ˈsɪrikoʊ/; born July 29, 1942) is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri in The...

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Martin Ferrero

September 29, 1947) is an American actor. His most well known role is Donald Gennaro in the 1993 film Jurassic Park and Izzy in Miami Vice (1984-1989). Ferrero...

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Sandy Gennaro

Jett. Gennaro teaches drums and has written instructional books. Born "Santo Gennaro" in Little Italy, (Manhattan's Lower East Side), Gennaro grew up...

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Gennaro Langella

Gennaro Adriano Langella (Italian pronunciation: [dʒenˈnaːro adriˈaːno lanˈdʒɛlla]; December 30, 1938 – December 15, 2013), also known as "Gerry Lang"...

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Genaro Saavedra

Genaro Saavedra (born 1895) was a Filipino track and field athlete and four-time Far Eastern Championship Games champion. While at high school in Ambos...

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Gennaro Favai

Gennaro Favai (1879–1958) was an Italian artist. Gennaro Favai was born in Venice in 1879, son of Luigi Favai and contessa Teresa Albrizzi. In his formative...

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Gennaro Nigro

Gennaro Michael Nigro (born May 29, 2000) is an American soccer player for Potenza Calcio. Raised in Clark, New Jersey, Nigro played prep soccer for Arthur...

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Treasure of San Gennaro

Treasure of San Gennaro (Italian: Operazione San Gennaro) is a 1966 Italian comedy film starring Nino Manfredi, Senta Berger, Totò and Claudine Auger....

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Angiulo Brothers

during the early 1980s. The brothers were Antonio, Donato, Francesco, Gennaro, Michele, Nicolo, and James Angiulo. They were born in North End, Boston...

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Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso (Italian pronunciation: [dʒenˈnaːro ɡatˈtuːzo]; born 9 January 1978) is an Italian former professional footballer and current manager of Napoli. As a player, he mainly played in the centre as a defensive midfielder, although he was also capable of playing on the wing. He initially played for Perugia, Salernitana, and Rangers, though he is mostly remembered for his time with Milan in Serie A, where he won the Champions League, in 2002–03 and 2006–07, the Coppa Italia in 2002–03, and also the Serie A title in 2003–04 and 2010–11. In addition to these titles, he won two Italian Supercups, two UEFA Supercups, and a FIFA Club World Cup. At international level, he represented the Italy national football team at the 2000 Summer Olympics, three FIFA World Cups, two UEFA European Championships, and the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. Gattuso's talismanic midfield partnership with playmaker Andrea Pirlo, both at club and international level, played a key role in Italy's World Cup victory in 2006, as well as Milan's domestic, European, and international successes during the mid-2000s. Despite not being blessed with notable technical skills, Gattuso's pace, strength, and work-rate complemented and supported Pirlo's composed, creative playing style, while his energy, aggression, and hard-tackling style of play enabled him to make a name for himself as one of the best players in the world in his position. In addition to his ball-winning abilities, Gattuso was renowned for his competitive nature and leadership qualities throughout his career, often wearing the captain's armband for Milan following Paolo Maldini's retirement.Gattuso's managerial career began as player-manager of his final club, Sion of the Swiss Super League, and he also had short spells in charge of Palermo and OFI Crete. In June 2016, he led Pisa to Serie B promotion. He later coached both the youth side and the first team of his former club Milan between 2017 and 2019, before being appointed as manager of Napoli later that year, with whom he won his first title as a coach, the 2019–20 Coppa Italia.

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