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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo (5 June 1898 – 7 August 1960) was an Italian shoe designer and the founder of luxury goods high-end retailer Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A...

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Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. (Italian: [salvaˈtoːre ferraˈɡaːmo]) is an Italian luxury goods company, with headquarters in Florence, Italy. It specializes...

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Fiamma Ferragamo

Fiamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo (1941 – 28 September 1998) was an Italian businessperson and shoe designer who was executive vice president of the company...

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James Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is the founder of the brand. He is a graduate of New York University Stern School of Business. Now he is the Women's and Men's Shoes and...

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High-heeled shoe

boot Cowboy boot Elevator shoes Fuck-me shoes High heel policy Insolia Locomotor effects of shoes Platform boots Pointed shoe (disambiguation) Removable...

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Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

contains 10,000 models of shoes created and owned by Ferragamo from the 1920s until his death in 1960. Following Ferragamo's death the collection was...

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A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot. Shoes are also used as an item of decoration and fashion. The design of...

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Honda HA-420 HondaJet

According to Fujino, design of the HondaJet nose was inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. Testing in the Boeing windtunnel indicated a valid concept in 1999...

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Platform shoe

Platform shoes are shoes, boots, or sandals with an obvious thick sole, usually in the range of 3–10 cm (1–4 in). Platform shoes may also be high heels...

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Billy "White Shoes" Johnson

"Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson talks about his faith" Victoria Advocate, March 29, 2010 Gutierrez, Paul (December 28, 2007). "Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson's...

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Salvatore Capezio, founder of the manufacturer of dance shoes Capezio Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian shoe designer Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian Chinese fashion designer...

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Wedge (footwear)

the front, making them high-heeled boots or shoes. Wedgies for women were popularized by Salvatore Ferragamo, who introduced the design to the Italian market...

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Stiletto heel

other, weaker materials that required a wide heel. Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo paved the way for stilettos by inventing the steel arch. Some...

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also known as Tod's Group, is an Italian company which produces luxury shoes and other leather goods. It is presided over by businessman Diego Della...

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Francesco Ruspoli, 10th Prince of Cerveteri

daughter of Giuseppe Visconti and Fulvia Ferragamo, a daughter of the famous shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. They have a son and a daughter: Don Alessandro...

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Italian fashion

Prada Renato Balestra Roberto Cavalli Salvatore Ferragamo (designed by Paul Andrew for women's shoes and apparel and Guillame Meilland for men's lines)...

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Paul Andrew (designer)

2016, Andrew was named Women's Footwear Design Director at Salvatore Ferragamo.[2] He is the first individual to hold this title in the brand's history...

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Magli Marina Rinaldi Moon Boot Cesare Paciotti Pal Zileri Pinko Prada Ferragamo Sergio Rossi Superga Tod's Valextra Versace Vibram Made in Italy "Distretto...

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National Brunello Cucinelli Damiani Dolce & Gabbana Drago Etro Extè Fendi Ferragamo Fiorucci Sorelle Fontana Frette Genny GIADA Gucci Gianfranco Ferré Iceberg...

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Palazzo Spini Feroni

1930s, it was bought by the shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. Since 1995 the Palazzo has housed a museum dedicated to Ferragamo. Zucconi, Guido (1995). Florence:...

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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo (5 June 1898 – 7 August 1960) was an Italian shoe designer and the founder of luxury goods high-end retailer Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. An innovative shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo, established a reputation in the 1930s. In addition to experimenting with materials including kangaroo, crocodile, and fish skin, Ferragamo drew on historic inspiration for his shoes.

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