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Epiphone Les Paul

The Epiphone Les Paul is a solid body guitar line produced by Epiphone as a more modestly priced version of the famous Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone is a subsidiary...

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Epiphone Les Paul 100

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 (LP-100) is a solid body electric guitar first produced in 1993 and is based on the Gibson Les Paul. This budget priced, Gibson-authorized...

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Gibson Les Paul

ISBN 978-1-4454-9313-8. "Les Paul Studio 2018". Vinnicombe, Chris (August 7, 2015). "Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul Black Beauty & Epiphone Les Paul Standard Florentine...

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Les Paul

2011. "Les Paul Guitar Innovations". Archived from the original on March 11, 2014. Retrieved March 11, 2014. "Epiphone Les Paul Standard". Epiphone.com....

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Gibson Les Paul Junior

a newer version of the Gibson Les Paul Junior in 2018 with vintage specifications including a '50 neck profile. Epiphone, a major guitar company purchased...

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Gibson SG

Jimmy Page. 1962 Les Paul Standard (SG Standard) 2007 SG '61 reissue 1963 SG Custom 2007 SG '61 reissue Epiphone G-400 (Custom Les Paul Custom '63 reissue)...

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Gibson Les Paul Custom

six oblong pole pieces in the bass position. Official website The History of the Les Paul on Ultimate Guitar Paul Crook Website Epiphone Les Paul Custom...

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PAF (pickup)

effect.) Covered PAF copies on Epiphone Les Paul Standard PAF side view PAF bottom view 3 PAF reissues on a Les Paul/SG Custom US patent 2896491, Seth...

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Gibson (guitar company)

2021-04-02. "Epiphone Les Paul Standard". Epiphone.com. Archived from the original on 2012-02-18. "Epiphone: A History – Epiphone and Gibson". Epiphone.com. Archived...

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Gibson ES-335

The "log" is the solid pine block that Les used to create the center block of the body, with "wings" of an Epiphone body added to complete the shape. Carter...

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Les Chadwick

played a standard Fender Stratocaster with the bass setting exaggerated until obtaining a proper bass. He eventually acquired a sunburst Epiphone Rivoli...

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Epiphone Genesis

Epiphone Genesis refers to three Genesis Series models ever produced Three Genesis Series models (GN-CST, GN-DLX, GN-STD) first appeared in the 1979 Epiphone...

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Gibson ES-339

Gibson ES-335, but has been reduced to the dimensions of the Gibson Les Paul. The standard 339 is available with what is referred to as the "30 over 60" or...

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Vibrato systems for guitar

wider variety through their Kramer and Epiphone brands. Kramer have always fitted Floyd Rose trems as standard and this association continues. Other notable...

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Winter used an Epiphone Wilshire equipped with mini-humbuckers early in his career. Pete Townshend of The Who used a number of Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitars...

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Nick Valensi

red. In 2005, Epiphone released a signature model of his guitar, the Elitist Nick Valensi Riviera P-94, and followed it up with a standard model Nick Valensi...

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List of signature model guitars

2020-06-26. "Epiphone Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar - Walnut". www.dwmusic.com.au. Retrieved 2020-06-26. "Epiphone Lee Malia Explorer...

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body Epiphone Casino of the mid to late 1960s. Humbucker Casing To install a P-90 in a guitar routed for humbucker pickups (a Les Paul Standard for example)...

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List of products manufactured by Gibson Guitar Corporation

such as Epiphone. Advanced Jumbo B series Blues King B12-45 12 string C-165 Chet Atkins SST CL Series Hummingbird Dove Heritage Gibson EAS Standard Gibson...

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Gibson Les Paul Special

Les Paul special models: two single cut and two double cut.[failed verification] 1956 Les Paul Special Singlecut in TV Yellow (reissued by Epiphone,...

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Epiphone Les Paul

The Epiphone Les Paul is a solid body guitar line produced by Epiphone as a more modestly priced version of the famous Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation and manufactures the Les Paul model and other budget models at a lower cost in Asia.

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