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Exor (company)

Cariuma * Reby * CARS24 * Reflexion * Cover * RGENIX * Cowboy * Saildrone * Dignifi * Smallhold * DRL * Tekion * Earlens * True Link * EMPG * Via Transportation...

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Contemplations (poem)

gliding streams the Rocks did overwhelm; A lonely place, with pleasures dignifi’d. I once that lov’d the shady woods so well, Now thought the rivers did...

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Exor (company)

Exor N.V. is a holding company, incorporated in the Netherlands and controlled by the Italian Agnelli family through privately held company Giovanni Agnelli B.V. In 2019 it recorded revenues of $144 billion, making it the 28th largest group in the world by revenue, according to the 2020 Fortune Global 500 List. It has a history of investments running over a century, which notably include auto and truck manufacturers Stellantis, Ferrari and CNH Industrial, global reinsurer PartnerRe, the football team Juventus F.C. and the international newspaper The Economist.

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