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Joe Edwards (St. Louis)

who helped revitalize the Delmar Loop area, which connects St. Louis and University City, Missouri. Dubbed "The Duke of Delmar" by St. Louis Magazine, he...

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Delmar Loop

The Delmar Loop, often referred to by St. Louis residents simply as The Loop, is an entertainment, cultural and restaurant district in University City...

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Del Crandall

Delmar Wesley Crandall (March 5, 1930 – May 5, 2021) was an American professional baseball player and manager. He was born in Ontario, California. Crandall...

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South of Reality

Festival April 23, 2019 St. Louis Delmar Hall April 25, 2019 Minneapolis Varsity Theater April 26, 2019 Chicago Thalia Hall April 27, 2019 Detroit Majestic...

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Modern Day Zero

delmar-hall/ http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/music/iparty-at-the-mississippi-nights-reunion-at-delmar-hall...

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Castor (band)

Castor reunited for the first time in 20 years, opening for Hum at Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO. Ben Eversmann Jeff Garber Derek Niedringhaus Jason...

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Delmar, New York

Delmar is a hamlet in the Town of Bethlehem, in Albany County, New York, United States. It is a suburb of the neighboring city of Albany. The community...

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Tim Blake Nelson

an American actor, writer, and director. His most famous roles include Delmar O'Donnell in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Dr. Pendanski in Holes (2003)...

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Viña Delmar

Viña Delmar (born Alvina Louise Croter; January 29, 1903 – January 19, 1990) was an American short story writer, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter...

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Duke of Devonshire

William Henry Alexander George Delmar Cavendish (1849–1919) Charles Alfred William Delmar (1878–1939) Richard Blake Delmar Cavendish (1916–1980) (21). Anthony...

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Catch These Vibes

12, 2018 Chicago House of Blues Chicago February 13, 2018 St. Louis Delmar Hall February 15, 2018 Minneapolis Varsity Theater February 17, 2018 Englewood...

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Fool's mate

gxf4?? Qh4#. Teed vs. Delmar, 1896 A well-known trap in the Dutch Defence occurred in the game Frank Melville Teed–Eugene Delmar, 1896: 1. d4 f5 2. Bg5...

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Stir (band)

the inaugural concert on September 30 at Delmar Hall, a new 750 capacity venue next to The Pageant in the Delmar Loop area of St. Louis. Tickets for the...

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Anacrusis (band)

part in the reunion. The reunion show was held on December 7, 2019 at Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO. Tickets were general admission. Kenn Nardi - guitars...

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American Party (1969)

Conservatism portal Hall Lyons Dennis, Delmar "The American Party" Contra Mundum Volume 4 (Summer 1992), pages 46-47. Dennis, Delmar "The American Party"...

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Williams & Wilkins. p. 600. ISBN 978-1451153590. Spratto GR, Woods AL (2012). Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook 2012. Cengage Learning. p. 748. ISBN 978-1111310653...

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University City, Missouri

remains in the southern, older portion of the city, particularly along Delmar Boulevard. The northern portions of the city, mostly developed after World...

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Expectations Tour

Music Hall April 30, 2018 Omaha The Waiting Room May 1, 2018 Minneapolis Varsity Theater May 3, 2018 Chicago House of Blues May 4, 2018 St. Louis Delmar Hall...

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Loop Trolley

Service Company — the Olive-Delmar and Creve Coeur lines — and a private line west to what is now University City's City Hall. Streetcar service ended in...

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Bethlehem, New York

renaming the hamlet Delmar. Delmar has become the most populous hamlet and its Delaware Avenue is the site of the present day town hall, police station,...

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Joe Edwards (St. Louis)

Joe Edwards is a businessman, developer, and civic leader who helped revitalize the Delmar Loop area, which connects St. Louis and University City, Missouri. Dubbed "The Duke of Delmar" by St. Louis Magazine, he opened his first business in The Loop in the 1970s and has since led efforts to transform the Delmar Loop into one of the most vibrant restaurant, shopping, and arts-and-entertainment districts in the country. In 2007, the American Planning Association named The Loop "One of the 10 Great Streets in America.In 1972, Edwards opened Blueberry Hill restaurant and music club, sparking a decades-long revitalization of the street. Rock legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chuck Berry performed 209 monthly concerts in Blueberry Hill's Duck Room.Edwards has since renovated numerous historic buildings in The Loop and around St. Louis and encouraged one-of-a-kind specialty shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions to make The Loop their home. His own ventures include the Landmark Cinemas-owned restored 1924 Tivoli Theatre movie theater (1995), The Pageant concert nightclub (2000), Pin-Up Bowl martini lounge and bowling alley (2003), Flamingo Bowl bowling alley and lounge on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis (2007), the boutique Moonrise Hotel (2009), the Peacock Diner (2014), and Delmar Hall concert club (2016). In 1988, Edwards founded the non-profit St. Louis Walk of Fame to honor great St. Louisans and their contributions to American culture. More than 150 inductees are described in brass stars and informative bronze plaques set into the Loop's sidewalks. In 2013, he published an updated St. Louis Walk of Fame book. The non-profit donates a copy to every St. Louis metro area junior high and high school library.In the 1997, Edwards began leading an effort to bring a fixed-track vintage trolley system to The Loop, linking it to MetroLink and Forest Park attractions. In 2010, the Delmar Loop Trolley project received a $24.9 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration. It opened and began operation in 2018, after much controversy regarding the effect of years-long construction on neighborhood businesses, with concerns rising about the trolley's long-term profitability. On December 29, 2019, after just over a year of operation, the trolley shut down due to low ridership and lack of funds.In 2003, Edwards received the St. Louis Award. Between 2004 and 2006, Edwards received an honorary doctorate of laws from Washington University in St. Louis an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Saint Louis University in 2005, and an honorary doctorate of humanitarian letters from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.In 2009, he received a lifetime achievement work from the Landmarks Association of St. Louis for his work in historic preservation and community revitalization.In 2013, Edwards received Washington University's Gerry and Bob Virgil Ethic of Service Award. On September 12, 2013, Edwards received the lifetime achievement award from the Landmarks Association of St. Louis for his work in historic preservation and community revitalization.

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