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Desktop environment

In computing, a desktop environment (DE) is an implementation of the desktop metaphor made of a bundle of programs running on top of a computer operating...

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Windows key

make custom shortcuts. The following shortcuts are valid in Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. ⊞ Win opens the Start Menu ⊞ Win+D shows the desktop (hiding...

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nicknamed Xfce the "Cholesterol Free Desktop Environment", a loose interpretation of the initialism. Per the FAQ, the logo of Xfce is "a mouse, obviously,...

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enterprise desktops has been growing. Linux distributions have also become popular in the netbook market, with many devices shipping with customized Linux...

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Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac is software providing hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers with Intel processors, and since version 16.5 also for...

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Icon (computing)

contrast well with any background. With the increasing ability to customize the desktop, it is important for the icon itself to display in a standard color...

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Features new to Windows 7

addition to providing options to customize colors of window chrome and other aspects of the interface including the desktop background, icons, mouse cursors...

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the ease-of-use of K Desktop Environment 3, which is the default graphical user interface. DesktopBSD is essentially a customized installation of FreeBSD...

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Object Desktop

Desktop includes most graphical user interface customization and productivity products offered by Stardock, including WindowBlinds, Fences, DesktopX...

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Microsoft PowerToys

Tweak UI customized Windows XP's user interface and advanced settings. Virtual Desktop Manager allowed switching between four virtual desktops from the...

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Google Chrome

September 2013, Google started making Chrome apps "For your desktop". This meant offline access, desktop shortcuts, and less dependence on Chrome—apps launch...

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Finder (software)

a computer, known as the Happy Mac logo. The Finder uses a view of the file system that is rendered using a desktop metaphor; that is, the files and folders...

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Atari TOS

with the latest version of TOS in ROM. TOS consisted of the following: Desktop – The main interface loaded after bootup. GEM – Graphics Environment Manager...

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SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Each focuses on packages that fit its specific purpose. For example, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop does not include the...

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Fedora Linux

reinstalling. The default desktop environment in Fedora Linux is GNOME and the default user interface is the GNOME Shell. Other desktop environments, including...

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to StatCounter, it has 7.4% usage share as a desktop web browser, making it the fourth-most popular desktop web browser after Google Chrome (67%), Microsoft...

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Boeing Store

immediately. By the beginning of 2015, Custom Hangar included more than 150 different products including apparel, wall art, desktop pieces, and furniture. The Boeing...

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the KDE SC, customized to support tighter application integration and the .txz package management system, was no longer the only desktop environment supported...

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Windows 8

release, with additional customization options for the Start screen, the restoration of a visible Start button on the desktop, the ability to snap up to...

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Windows shell

Windows operating system. Its readily identifiable elements consist of the desktop, the taskbar, the Start menu, the task switcher and the AutoPlay feature...

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Desktop environment

In computing, a desktop environment (DE) is an implementation of the desktop metaphor made of a bundle of programs running on top of a computer operating system that share a common graphical user interface (GUI), sometimes described as a graphical shell. The desktop environment was seen mostly on personal computers until the rise of mobile computing. Desktop GUIs help the user to easily access and edit files, while they usually do not provide access to all of the features found in the underlying operating system. Instead, the traditional command-line interface (CLI) is still used when full control over the operating system is required. A desktop environment typically consists of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers and desktop widgets (see Elements of graphical user interfaces and WIMP). A GUI might also provide drag and drop functionality and other features that make the desktop metaphor more complete. A desktop environment aims to be an intuitive way for the user to interact with the computer using concepts which are similar to those used when interacting with the physical world, such as buttons and windows. While the term desktop environment originally described a style of user interfaces following the desktop metaphor, it has also come to describe the programs that realize the metaphor itself. This usage has been popularized by projects such as the Common Desktop Environment, K Desktop Environment, and GNOME.

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