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Cuckoo Electronics

more nutritious cooked rice.[citation needed] In South Korea Cuckoo is the top-selling brand of rice cooker. In 2002, Cuckoo started selling to distributors...

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Bubang Techron Co.

ranked manufacturer of pressure rice cookers in South Korea (Cuckoo Co., Ltd. is ranked first). Livart Living Tech Rice Cookers Pressurized Conventional Ultra-violet...

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List of Good Eats episodes

September 15, 1999 (1999-09-15Tdf) EA1A11 112 "Power to the Pilaf" Pilaf (rice) Rice cooker September 22, 1999 (1999-09-22Tdf) EA1A12 113 "The Art of Darkness"...

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and Debris Vacuums Canned meat Fillet Knives May 19, 2018 31-06 396 Rice Cookers Concealment Furniture Promotional Origami Hedge Shears 31-07 397 Glass...

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Gilmore Guys

series. The trio praise the character of Lane, comparing her to a slow cooker (in an analogy where Lorelai and Rory are microwaves), while comparing Zack...

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/ Wobblewok A Yo-kai that looks like a black round mass inside a giant rice cooker. Yami Kyubi (ヤミキュウビ, Yami Kyūbi) / Darkyubi A silver fox Yo-kai. He is...

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Cuckoo Electronics

Cuckoo Electronics Co., Ltd. (Hangul:쿠쿠전자) is a South Korean manufacturing firm founded in 1978 and originally incorporated as Sunkwang Electronics Co., Ltd. Its corporate identity was formally changed to Cuckoo Co., Ltd. in 2002 reflecting its major export brand name which had been in use since 1999. The company's headquarters is located in Yangsan. Cuckoo manufacturers small home appliances, notably Korean-style pressure rice cookers. Korean-style cookers (0.8 kg to 0.9 kg cooking pressure) typically gelatinize rice starches more completely than Japanese-style cookers (0.4 kg to 0.6 kg cooking pressure) resulting in a more glutinous and marginally more nutritious cooked rice. In South Korea Cuckoo is the top-selling brand of rice cooker. In 2002, Cuckoo started selling to distributors in New York and Los Angeles. In late 2016, Cuckoo established its first American branch, Cuckoo Electronics America, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. CUCKOO was introduced in Malaysia in October 2014 by Hoe Kian Choon. As CUCKOO International, the brand established CUCKOO in other countries including Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. Since becoming the Southeast Asian hub, CUCKOO has plans to expand the brand in other countries in the region.

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