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Unisex public toilet

unisex public toilets, also called gender-inclusive, gender-neutral and mixed-sex or all-gender toilets, bathrooms or restrooms, or just toilets, refers to...

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Serratia marcescens

commonly found growing in bathrooms (especially on tile grout, shower corners, toilet water lines, and basins), where it manifests as a pink, pink-orange...

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Open defecation

human practice of defecating outside ("in the open") rather than into a toilet. People may choose fields, bushes, forests, ditches, streets, canals or...

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In the United States, a "commode" is a colloquial synonym for a flush toilet. The word commode comes from the French word for "convenient" or "suitable"...

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Hotel toilet paper folding

triangle or "V" shape out of the first sheet or square on a toilet paper roll. Commonly, the two corners of the final sheet are tucked behind the paper symmetrically...

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Anti-urination devices in Norwich

overcrowded and narrow streets of the city centre and a lack of public toilets led to men urinating against the side of buildings, but the installation...

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Toomer's Corner

pharmacy and the trees directly opposite with toilet paper. There is much controversy over when "rolling the corner" became a celebration for all things Auburn...

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List of Not Going Out episodes

nervous disposition and refusal to let go of his bag, even taking it to the toilet with him. When confronting the passenger, Lee notices that he has a box...

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If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

a bathroom, sitting in a bathtub with a toilet in the corner. These were pulled from stores after the toilet was declared indecent;[citation needed] they...

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List of Oggy and the Cockroaches episodes

with their customized bathtubs while the cockroaches join in using Oggy's toilet. 232 37 "Inspector Dee Dee" "(Dee Dee detective)" Olivier Jean-Marie Olivier...

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List of Walang Hanggang Paalam episodes

DNS, an unidentified individual is removing a hand gun hidden behind a toilet. As Araceli comes down the stairs surrounded by Colonel Manzano and his...

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List of This Old House episodes (seasons 1–10)

and Heating expert Richard Trethewey accepts delivery of a new one-piece toilet and a pedestal sink. Then we visit the American Standard factory where these...

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having sex elsewhere. The term has its roots in self-contained English toilet blocks resembling small cottages in their appearance; in the English cant...

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List of Tanglin episodes (Episodes 1-508)

embarrassing situation when she catches Arjun's with his pants down in the toilet. Over at KS Foods, Chris and Felicia flirt a little too openly for Suzanne's...

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List of Deadliest Catch episodes

heavy seas. Jake's greenhorn problems get a lot worse when one clogs the toilet. 250 11 "Chase Boat Rescue" June 23, 2020 (2020-06-23) Listing heavily and...

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Lego Modular Buildings

is Market Street at 33 cm. The set includes a full interior including a toilet, bed, kitchen, and fireplace. Town Hall (set number: 10224) was released...

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List of Mr. Belvedere episodes

side. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere shows a different side after he goes wild toilet papering a house while trick-or-treating with Wesley. Lucy Lee Flippin (Wilmadean)...

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2 AM Club

with the same name, but became the 2 A.M. Club in about 1940. The famous "toilet seat" guitar created by Charlie Deal still hangs behind the bar. Charlie...

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List of Red vs. Blue episodes

because of his extreme shyness, which has led him to never use the base's toilet for three years. Back at the Blue Base, Church and Caboose question Andy...

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pigs do not defecate just anywhere in their pen–they use one corner of it for their 'toilet'. Ideally, a cement wallow which contains water cools the pig...

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Unisex public toilet

The term unisex public toilets, also called gender-inclusive, gender-neutral and mixed-sex or all-gender toilets, bathrooms or restrooms, or just toilets, refers to public toilets that are not separated by gender or sex. Unisex public toilets can benefit a range of people with or without special needs (e.g. people with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone who needs the help of someone of another gender or sex). They are also valuable for parents who need to help their infant or young child with using the toilet. While the push for gender neutral bathrooms benefits a number of different demographics, it is driven by the transgender community to combat harassment and violence against these populations.Unisex public toilets take different forms. They may be single occupancy facilities where only one single room or enclosure is provided, or multi-user facilities which are open to all and where users may either share sinks in an open area or each have their own sink in their private cubicle, stall or room. Unisex public toilets may either replace single-sex toilets or may be an addition to single-sex toilets. Unisex public toilets can be used by people of any sex or gender identity. Such toilet facilities can benefit transgender populations and people outside of the gender binary. Sex-separation in public toilets (also called sex segregation), as opposed to unisex toilets, is the separation of public toilets into male and female. This separation is sometimes enforced by local laws and building codes. Key differences between male and female public toilets in most western countries include the presence of urinals for men and boys, and sanitary bins for the disposal of menstrual hygiene products for women and girls. Sanitary bins may easily be included in the setup of unisex public toilets. The historical purposes of sex-separated toilets in the United States and Europe, as well as the timing of their appearance, are disputed amongst scholars. Safety from sexual harassment and privacy were likely two main goals of sex-separation of public toilets, and factors such as morality also played roles. Paternalism and resistance to women entering the workplace might have also played a role. Some women's groups are worried that unisex public toilets will be less safe for women than public toilets that are separated by sex. Transgender activists have long been pushing for gender neutral bathrooms in order to provide safe spaces for those outside the gender binary.

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