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needed] In the United States, pantries evolved from early Colonial American "butteries", built in a cold north corner of a Colonial home (more commonly...

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Kitchen cabinet

were sold by 1920. Pre-WW-I cabinet design. Typical kitchens before World War I used freestanding work tables and a pantry for dry storage. Cupboards were...

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G-kitchen has cabinets along three walls, like the U-kitchen, and also a partial fourth wall, often with a double basin sink at the corner of the G shape...

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Executive Residence

altered in size now, in the northwest corner of the Ground Floor. The storeroom to the east of the kitchen became a pantry in 1809, a meat locker in 1825, and...

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Drugstore beetle

storage areas like pantries and cabinets need to be vacuumed thoroughly, including the crevices between floor boards, the corners of cabinets, and areas where...

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House of the Prince of Naples

the upper floor, and the undecorated kitchen, latrine, and pantry (g) and (h). The pantry or storage room could have also been used as an eating area...

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a Japanese tea house) Mizuya tansu (traditional japanese pantry) Miya Shoji Hoosier cabinet Heineken (1981), p. 9. Heineken (1981), pp. 30–32. Heineken...

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copying mail area pantry area break area Mail area: An open or semi-open support space where employees can pick up or deliver their mail Pantry area: An open...

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The New Yankee Workshop

approximately 235 projects were produced. In addition to furniture and cabinets, the show also focused on outdoor projects such as the building of a gazebo...

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President's Dining Room

currently occupied by the Family Kitchen, the kitchen storage space, and the pantry. This space was little changed by 1825. Since the private stairs from the...

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Saint James Court Apartments

apartments had formal dining rooms with built-in china cabinets and a servant's bell in the floor. Off the pantry was a maid's room. Bathrooms had clawfoot tubs...

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

president of the United States. The house is at 83 Beals Street in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline, Massachusetts. Kennedy is one of four U.S. presidents...

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Bahay na bato

kalan or clay stove is placed Despacho – Office; also "oficina" Dispensa – Pantry Dos aguas – Gable or high-pitched roof Dougong – A simplified and localized...

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The Roosevelt Hotel (Manhattan)

butcher's shop, refrigeration room, waiters' pantry, and room-service pantry. Dumbwaiters and stairs led to pantries at ground level and on the mezzanine. There...

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Haus am Horn

gentleman's room, the children's room and the guest room. It also had a kitchen, pantry and a separate dining room, a living room with a work space off it, and...

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List of Petticoat Junction episodes

required to send in food can and box top labels. This leaves much of Kate's pantry left with unlabeled cans and boxes. Bobbie Jo manages to win the contest...

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Juniper Hill Farm-Maxwell Evarts House

many original features, including elegant woodwork, a butler's pantry with original cabinets, and a library with panelled walls and fine oak shelving. Maxwell...

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its 7,600 company-operated stores in the U.S. to local food banks and pantries. Perishable food will be transported in refrigerated trucks to area food...

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Great Escape (South Korean TV series)

Pantry. Jong-min guard the door of the staircase and Shin-dong place the Bluetooth speaker behind the building and return to the staircase. 9. Pantry...

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Villa Cavrois

corkscrew stairs. from the two dining rooms one can gain access to the pantry and the kitchen. This spaces demonstrate the importance of hygiene in the...

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A pantry is a room or cupboard where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes, household cleaning products, linens or provisions are stored within a home or office. Food and beverage pantries serve in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen.

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