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Instruments used in general surgery

purposes by field Hemostatic instruments: This includes instruments utilized for the cessation of bleeding Artery forceps are a classic example in which bleeding...

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Percussion instrument

instrument. Excluding zoomusicological instruments and the human voice, the percussion family is believed to include the oldest musical instruments....

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brand of musical instruments and accessories, founded in New Jersey in 1947. The company is known primarily for its string instruments that employed unique...

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Alux Nahual

has produced. Their style is characterized by the incorporation of classic instruments like the cello and the flute to rock tunes, ballads and folk songs...

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John Egan (harp maker)

priceless as a Stradivarius violin, for instance, they are considered classic instruments, and have been priced as high as US$24,000. Foley, Catherine: "Egan...

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and common use of the tape echo; but progressive addition of different instruments and vocal harmonies led to its "dilution". Initially popularized by artists...

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Samuel Zygmuntowicz

New York. His early work demonstrates expert skill as a copyist of classic instruments. Later work includes personal models informed by intensive advanced...

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List of electrophones by Hornbostel–Sachs number

= electrically actuated acoustic instruments, 52 = electrically amplified acoustic instruments, and 53 = instruments in which make sound primarily by...

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Silvertone (brand)

Silvertones (later The Guess Who) took its name from this line of instruments. Silvertone instruments and amplifiers were manufactured by various companies, including...

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Promising Young Woman (score)

recorded at Willis' studio in Vienna, and made use of conventional classic instruments, suiting with the film and its theme, and not being inspired or modified...

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Kawai Musical Instruments

Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (株式会社河合楽器製作所, Kabushiki-gaisha Kawai Gakki Seisakusho, TYO: 7952) is a musical instrument manufacturing...

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Robin Guitars

Eric Johnson Steve Blaze J. Yuenger Moseley, Willie G. (Feb 2007). "Classic Instruments: Robin Ranger", Vintage Guitar Magazine". Retrieved 2010-08-12.[permanent...

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Chicago Musical Instruments

to 1969), Standel, Lowrey, F. E. Olds (brass instruments), William Lewis & Son Co. (stringed instruments), Krauth & Beninghoften, L.D. Heater Music Company...

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Musical instrument classification

In organology, the study of musical instruments, many methods of classifying instruments exist. Most methods are specific to a particular cultural group...

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Xun (instrument)

traditional "eight-tone" (bayin) classifications of musical instruments (based on whether the instrument is made from metal, stone, silk, bamboo, gourd, earth...

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Although comparison measurements from double-beam instruments are easier and more stable, single-beam instruments can have a larger dynamic range and are optically...

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Wilhelm Schimmel

Braunschweig. Over 7.500 instruments left the factory in 1975. In the 1980s, the production and sales had increased to annually 10.000 instruments (including the...

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G&L Musical Instruments

produces electric guitars and basses with designs based on some classic Fender instruments. The company also produces effects units. G&L's most notable player...

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Gibson ES Series

Moseley, Willie G. (January 2014). "Danelectro's Four-String Basses". Classic Instruments. Vintage Guitar. Danelectro's first bass [UB–2] (VG, January '09)...

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studio developed by Native Instruments (NI). It allows musicians and sound specialists to design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound...

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Instruments used in general surgery

There are many different surgical specialties, some of which require very specific kinds of surgical instruments to perform. General surgery is a specialty focused on the abdominal contents, as well as the thyroid gland, and diseases involving skin, breasts, various soft tissues, trauma, peripheral vascular disease, hernias, and endoscopic procedures. This page is dedicated specifically to listing surgical instruments used in general surgery. Instruments can be classified in many ways - but broadly speaking, there are five kinds of instruments. Cutting and dissecting instruments: Scalpels, scissors, and saws are the most traditional Elevators can be both cutting and lifting/retracting Although the term dissection is broad, energy devices such as diathermy/cautery are often used as more modern alternatives. Grasping or holding instruments: Classically this included forceps and clamps predominantly Roughly, forceps can be divided into traumatic (tissue crushing) and atraumatic (tissue preserving, such as Debakey's) Numerous examples are available for different purposes by field Hemostatic instruments: This includes instruments utilized for the cessation of bleeding Artery forceps are a classic example in which bleeding is halted by direct clamping of a vessel Sutures are often used, aided by a needle holder Cautery and related instruments are used with increasing frequency in high resource countries Retractors: Surgery is often considered to be largely about exposure A multitude of retractors exist to aid in exposing the body's cavities accessed during surgery These can broadly be hand held (often by a junior assistant) or self retaining Elevators can be both cutting and lifting/retracting Tissue unifying instruments and materials: This would include instruments that aid in tissue unification (such as needle holders or staple applicators) And the materials themselvesInstruments used in surgery are:

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