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Asymmetric carbon

mirror image are said to be chiral; as the asymmetric carbon is the center of this chirality, it is also known as a chiral carbon. As an example, malic acid...

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stereocenter is usually but not always a specific atom, often carbon. Stereocenters can exist on chiral or achiral molecules; stereocenters can contain single...

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Chirality (chemistry)

stereogenic carbon is always chiral. On the other hand, an organic compound with multiple stereogenic carbons is typically, but not always, chiral. In particular...

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the chiral carbon (see chirality) to line up exactly. The number of stereoisomers a molecule has can be determined by the number of chiral carbons it has...

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two monosaccharides D-glucose and D-fructose. Each carbon atom that supports a hydroxyl group is chiral, except those at the end of the chain. This gives...

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Chirality /kaɪˈrælɪtiː/ is a property of asymmetry important in several branches of science. The word chirality is derived from the Greek χειρ (kheir)...

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Fischer projection

After this, the priority of each of the groups bonded to the carbon are ranked and the chirality is determined in the standard fashion. While there is no...

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Chiral drugs

chemists as chiral or handed molecules. Each twin is called an enantiomer. Drugs that exhibit handedness are referred to as chiral drugs. Chiral drugs that...

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configuration about the chiral carbon. A molecule with multiple chiral carbons has two forms at each chiral carbon. Isomerization at one chiral carbon of several yields...

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material for other chemicals. Many electrophiles are chiral and optically stable. Typically chiral electrophiles are also optically pure. One such reagent...

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Carbon nanotube

benzene, graphene, graphite, chiral & non-chiral nanotubes, and C60 Buckyballs - WeCanFigureThisOut.org. C60 and Carbon Nanotubes a short video explaining...

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Methyl group

substituent becomes chiral. Methods exist to produce optically pure methyl compounds, e.g., chiral acetic acid (CHDTCO2H). Through the use of chiral methyl groups...

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highest numbered chiral carbon is pointed downwards out of the plane, and in a D-configuration furanose, the highest numbered chiral carbon is facing upwards...

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Enantioselective synthesis

organic compound consisting of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and other non-metal elements. When the organocatalyst is chiral, then enantioselective synthesis...

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Axial chirality

(point chirality) in that axial chirality does not require a chiral center such as an asymmetric carbon atom, the most common form of chirality in organic...

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deprotonation of alkanes (at an sp3 carbon), alkenes (at an sp2 carbon), arenes (at an sp2 carbon), and alkynes (at an sp carbon) are known as alkyl, alkenyl...

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Kiliani–Fischer synthesis

the carbon chain of an aldose by one carbon atom while preserving stereochemistry on all the previously present chiral carbons. The new chiral carbon is...

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be chiral carbon atoms particularly within the larger molecules (from C5). The number of potential isomers increases rapidly with additional carbon atoms...

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racemic mixture of both isomers. Dexibuprofen is a chiral switch of racemic ibuprofen. The chiral carbon in dexibuprofen is assigned an absolute configuration...

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Chiral pool

synthesis. Not only does the chiral pool contribute a premade carbon skeleton, their chirality is usually preserved in the remainder of the reaction sequence...

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Asymmetric carbon

In stereochemistry, an asymmetric carbon is a carbon atom that is bonded to four different types of atoms or groups of atoms. The four atoms and/or groups attached to the carbon atom can be arranged in space in two different ways that are mirror images of each other, and which lead to so-called left-handed and right-handed versions (stereoisomers) of the same molecule. Molecules that cannot be superimposed on their own mirror image are said to be chiral; as the asymmetric carbon is the center of this chirality, it is also known as a chiral carbon. As an example, malic acid (HOOC−CH2−CH(OH)−COOH) has 4 carbon atoms but just one of them is asymmetric. The asymmetric carbon atom, bolded in the formula, is the one attached to two carbon atoms, an oxygen atom, and a hydrogen atom. One may initially be inclined to think this atom is not asymmetric because it is attached to two carbon atoms, but because those two carbon atoms are not attached to exactly the same things, there are two different groups of atoms that the carbon atom in question is attached to, therefore making it an asymmetric carbon atom: Knowing the number of asymmetric carbon atoms, one can calculate the maximum possible number of stereoisomers for any given molecule as follows: If n is the number of asymmetric carbon atoms then the maximum number of isomers = 2n (Le Bel-van't Hoff rule)This is a corollary of Le Bel and van't Hoff's simultaneously announced conclusions, in 1874, that the most probable orientation of the bonds of a carbon atom linked to four groups or atoms is toward the apexes of a tetrahedron, and that this accounted for all then-known phenomena of molecular asymmetry (which involved a carbon atom bearing four different atoms or groups).A tetrose with 2 asymmetric carbon atoms has 22 = 4 stereoisomers: An aldopentose with 3 asymmetric carbon atoms has 23 = 8 stereoisomers: An aldohexose with 4 asymmetric carbon atoms has 24 = 16 stereoisomers:

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