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Cantine is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: David Cantine (born 1939), Canadian painter John Cantine (1735–1808), American politician...

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Ferrari Trento

Ferrari F.lli Lunelli S.p.A., or Ferrari Trento or Cantine Ferrari, is an Italian company specialized in the production of the Traditional Method sparkling...

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James Cantine

Reverend James Cantine, D.D. (March 3, 1861 – July 1, 1940) was an American missionary, scholar, and traveler. While studying at New Brunswick Theological...

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Holley Cantine

Holley R. Cantine, Jr., (1916–1977) was a writer and activist best known for publishing the anarchist periodical Retort with Dachine Rainer. Cantine was born...

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John Cantine

John Cantine (October 20, 1735 – April 30, 1808) was an American politician. Born in Marbletown, New York, Cantine served in both houses of the New York...

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Senator Cantine

Senator Cantine may refer to: John Cantine (1735–1808), New York State Senate Moses I. Cantine (politician) (1774–1823), New York State Senate This disambiguation...

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David Cantine

David Cantine (born 1939) is a Canadian painter, best known for consistently painting pictures using the same composition for the last forty years of...

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Cantine Lungarotti Winery

12°28′11″E / 42.9491775°N 12.4698117°E / 42.9491775; 12.4698117 The Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti Winery srl is an Italian wine company located in the...

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Moses I. Cantine (politician)

Moses I. Cantine (January 18, 1774 - January 24, 1823) was an American politician, judge and newspaper editor from New York. A Democratic-Republican,...

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ground level where wine and other products such as salami are stored. As cantine it was used to refer to the shop of a sutler, an army camp follower. In...

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Fabio Cordella

Sports d'Abidjan respectively. He is also the founder of Fabio Cordella Cantine. Cordella started his professional playing career from Pro Italia Galatina...

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Pecorino Romano

"Pizzicaroli" per un verso organizzano alla periferia della città le prime cantine di salagione, accanto alle qualisorgono poi i primi centri di caseificazione...

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Non-wage labour costs

additional days off work, company day-care, transportation or company cantine. National Insurance (United Kingdom) Social Security contributions in France...

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Saugerties, New York

Clovelea mansion around 1880. In 1888 Martin Cantine built a paper mill on the North side of the dam. Cantine's mill would produce coated papers, similar...

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Italian region of Emilia-Romagna came together in 1950 as the collective Cantine Cooperative Riunite. Their interest was in exchanging ideas and resources...

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Kopitiam (company)

Singapura, and VivoCity. Kopitiam also owns three food court companies, Bagus, Cantine, and Sedap. On 21 September 2018, it was announced that NTUC Enterprise...

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Pallacanestro Reggiana

the club merge with Cestistica Tricolore and come under the ownership of Cantine Riunite who also started sponsoring the club and changed its colours to...

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Cyril Lignac

channel: 2005 : Oui chef ! ; 2006 : Chef, la recette ! ; 2007 : Vive la cantine ! ; 2009 : Chef Contre Attaque ; 2010 : MIAM : Mon invitation à manger...

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the opposite, (southern) side of the lake around the small settlement of Cantine di Gandria, that are accessible only by boat or on foot. The historically...

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Peter A. Van Bergen

April 1802, he was elected to a four-year term to replace Federalist Peter Cantine Jr. as a member of the New York State Senate, for the Middle District (consisted...

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Cantine is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: David Cantine (born 1939), Canadian painter John Cantine (1735–1808), American politician Moses I. Cantine (1774–1823), American politician, judge, and newspaper editor

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