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Kiwi (bird)

Kiwi (/ˈkiːwi/ KEE-wee) or kiwis are flightless birds endemic to New Zealand of the genus Apteryx /ˈæptərɪks/ and family Apterygidae /æptəˈrɪdʒɪdiː/. Approximately...

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Great spotted kiwi

spotted kiwi, great grey kiwi or roroa (Apteryx haastii) is a species of kiwi endemic to the South Island of New Zealand. The great spotted kiwi, as a member...

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Little spotted kiwi

spotted kiwi, or little grey kiwi, Apteryx owenii, is a small flightless bird in the kiwi family Apterygidae. It is the smallest species of all 5 kiwis, at...

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Canine gallbladder mucocele

Canine gallbladder mucocele (GBM) is an emerging biliary disease in dogs described as the excessive and abnormal accumulation of thick, gelatinous mucus...

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baked potatoes, hot dogs, and soups. In the US, sliced smoked back bacon is used less frequently than the streaky variety, but can sometimes be found on...

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healthy) : All are healthy and can be offered i.e. all apple varieties, banana, all berries varieties, all citrus varieties, grapes, kiwi, mango, melons, nectarine...

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of the ratite group, which also includes the emu, rheas, ostriches, and kiwi, as well as the extinct moas and elephant birds. These species are recognised:...

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List of Eat Bulaga! segments

Eat Bulaga! is the longest-running noontime variety show in the Philippines. The show has featured hundreds of segments and competitions since its debut...

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Nepalese cuisine

traditionally eat pork.Khas Chhettris,however, eat Bandel (wild boar) as it is considered clean due to its forest habitat though they do not eat pork meat...

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Common brushtail possum in New Zealand

been isolated reports of pets, in particular dogs, succumbing to poisoning from 1080, probably through eating possum carcasses. The Animal Health Board and...

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Greater rhea

like to eat, e.g., cereals or eucalyptus, the greater rhea can be a species quite beneficial to farmers. It will eat any large invertebrate it can catch;...

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List of One Piece characters

others. Many of the characters possess supernatural abilities gained by eating so-called "Devil Fruits". The series' storyline follows the adventures of...

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introduced red foxes, feral and domestic dogs, and feral pigs occasionally feed on emu eggs or kill small chicks. Emus can suffer from both external and internal...

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extant Australasian and Oceanian ratites (i.e. the cassowaries, emus, and kiwis), thus putting it well within the ratite phylogenetic tree, with the South...

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wind turbine kills and predation by pet cats and dogs are common causes of death for birds). Birds can act as vectors for spreading diseases such as psittacosis...

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List of Chopped episodes

The "eyeball dip" in round 3 was a scoop of sweetened cream cheese with a kiwi and blueberry iris and pupil in a pool of raspberry coulis. 543 2 "No Meat...

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List of Chopped episodes (seasons 21–40)

Ingredients: Appetizer: burger-wrapped hot dogs, half-sour pickles, kasundi, macaroni salad Entrée: beer-can chicken, eggplant, double-smoked bacon, classic...

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Sodium fluoroacetate

fluoroacetate-baited meat from the air to kill predators. Wild dogs and foxes will readily eat the baited meat. Cats pose a greater difficulty as they are...

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Inspector Rex

series. The house they eventually find is owned by a man who does not want dogs there, however Rex is able to alert him to a gas leak and in gratitude he...

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Robin Williams filmography

Entertainment, 1492 Pictures, retrieved 2021-01-28 Becker, Walt (2009-11-25), Old Dogs (Comedy, Family), Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green, Kelly Preston...

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Kiwi (bird)

Kiwi ( KEE-wee) or kiwis are flightless birds endemic to New Zealand of the genus Apteryx and family Apterygidae . Approximately the size of a domestic chicken, kiwi are by far the smallest living ratites (which also include ostriches, emus, rheas, tinamous and cassowaries). DNA sequence comparisons have yielded the surprising conclusion that kiwi are much more closely related to the extinct Malagasy elephant birds than to the moa with which they shared New Zealand. There are five recognised species, four of which are currently listed as vulnerable, and one of which is near-threatened. All species have been negatively affected by historic deforestation but currently the remaining large areas of their forest habitat are well protected in reserves and national parks. At present, the greatest threat to their survival is predation by invasive mammalian predators. The kiwi's egg is one of the largest in proportion to body size (up to 20% of the female's weight) of any species of bird in the world. Other unique adaptations of kiwi, such as their hairlike feathers, short and stout legs, and using their nostrils at the end of their long beak to detect prey before they ever see it, have helped the bird to become internationally well-known. The kiwi is recognised as an icon of New Zealand, and the association is so strong that the term Kiwi is used internationally as the colloquial demonym for New Zealanders.

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