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Buya may be, Buya people, an ethnic group of South Sudan Buya language (disambiguation) Madam Buya, a Homo erectus fossil found in Eritrea and Ethiopia...

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Mohamed Buya Turay

Mohamed Buya Turay (/tʊˈreɪ/, tuu-RAY; born 10 January 1995) is a Sierra Leonean professional footballer who plays as a forward for Chinese Super League...

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Masaba language

(Lutachoni; ethnic Luhya) Dadiri (Ludadiri) Buya (Lubuya) Dadiri is spoken in the north, Gisu in the center, and Buya in the center and south of Masaba territory...

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Buyid dynasty

The Buyid dynasty (Persian: آل بویه, romanized: Āl-e Būya), also spelled Buwayhid (Arabic: بوويحيد), was a Shia Iranian dynasty of Daylamite origin, which...

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Buya language

Buya may be: The Buya dialect of the Masaba language Buya language (Democratic Republic of Congo), a Bantu language of that is closely related to Nyanga...

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Generations of Amrullahs in Twentieth-Century Indonesia". (in Indonesian) Ceramah Buya Hamka[permanent dead link] (in Indonesian) Info lain tentang Hamka (in Indonesian)...

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List of human evolution fossils

Sangiran 2 1.15±0.45 Homo erectus 1937 Indonesia G.H.R. von Koenigswald Madam Buya 1.00 Homo erectus 1997 Eritrea Ernesto Abbate National Museum of Eritrea...

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Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds

son of Jumong, was the founding monarch of Baekje or the Empire of Buya (including Buya itself). It is currently ruled by Emperor SenShi and his daughter...

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Agnes Yombwe

Agnes Buya Yombwe (born 18 February 1966) is a Zambian mixed media artist, arts educator, author and mentor.“Her artistic practice explores indigenous...

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Mu'ayyad al-Dawla

Abu Mansur Buya (Persian: ابو منصور بویه; died 983), better known by his honorific title of Mu'ayyad al-Dawla (Arabic: مویدالدوله, lit. 'Helper of the...

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Boya people

The Boya (also spelled Buya; called Larim and Langorim by the Didinga people) are a Surmic ethnic group numbering 20,000 to 25,000 people living in Budi...

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Booya or booyah or BOOYAH may refer to: Abu Mansur Buya, a 10th-century Buyid amir Ali ibn Buya, the founder of the 10th century Buyid dynasty in Persia...

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Rukn al-Dawla

northern and central Iran (c. 935-976). He was the son of Buya. Hasan was the son of Buya, a Dailamite fisherman from Lahijan, who left his Zoroastrian...

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Imad al-Dawla

Ali ibn Buya (Persian: علی بن بویه, Arabic: علی بن بویه), commonly known by his laqab (honorific epithet) Imad al-Dawla (عمادالدوله; c. 891/2 – December...

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Buyu language

"Songa" [sgo] is another Buyu-speaking tribe rather than a distinct language. "Buya" [byy] is unidentified, but may be a typo for Buyu. The codes were retired...

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Mu'izz al-Dawla

Ahmad ibn Buya (Persian: احمد بن بویه, died April 8, 967), after 945 better known by his laqab of Mu'izz al-Dawla (Arabic: المعز الدولة البويهي, "Fortifier...

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reaffirmed by the 1993 independence referendum and 1997 constitution. Madam Buya is the name of a fossil found at an archaeological site in Eritrea by Italian...

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Buya Romende Chiefdom

Buya Romende Chiefdom is a chiefdom in Port Loko District of Sierra Leone. Its capital is Foredugu. "Final Results 2004 Population and Housing Census"...

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Jessica Lurie

Zion80 (Tzadik, 2013) Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22 (Tzadik, 2014) La Buya (2021) Holy Chutzpah (2022) The Posies, Amazing Disgrace (1996, DGC) (tenor...

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Ayara Liyara, Ayara Labuya, which literally means "Oh Lady oh Lady, oh Lady Buya" and is accompanied by izran (couplets) and addjun (tambourine tapping)....

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Buya may be, Buya people, an ethnic group of South Sudan Buya language (disambiguation) Madam Buya, a Homo erectus fossil found in Eritrea and Ethiopia Buyid dynasty or Buyahids (934–1062), a Shia Iranian dynasty founded by the sons of a fisherman named BuyaThe Empire of Buya, a fictional kingdom in Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds

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