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Benbow Inn

The Benbow Inn, in Garberville, California, is a hotel built in 1926. It was an early hotel on the Redwood Highway; it was originally called the Hotel...

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Treasure Island

An old sailor named Billy Bones comes to lodge in the rural Admiral Benbow Inn on the Bristol Channel, in England. He tells the innkeeper's son, Jim...

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Treasure Island (2012 TV series)

Admiral Benbow from Meg Hawkins. Shirley Henderson as Meg Hawkins, Jim Hawkins' mother, recently widowed landlady of the Admiral Benbow inn. Her first...

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Treasure Planet

and his mother. He reluctantly helps his mother Sarah run the family's Benbow Inn, and derives amusement from "Alponian solar cruising": skysurfing atop...

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Billy Bones

mysterious sea chest, looking for a wayside inn with a view of the sea. Bones decides upon the Admiral Benbow Inn where he asks to be addressed merely as...

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Muppet Treasure Island

good-natured orphan boy who, for most of his life, has worked at the Admiral Benbow Inn under the strict rule of Mrs. Bluveridge, but has always dreamed of nautical...

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Llandoger Trow

said to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write of the Admiral Benbow Inn in Treasure Island and Daniel Defoe supposedly met Alexander Selkirk there...

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List of fictional bars and pubs

Clubs — Smallville The Admiral's Arms — Queen of the Damned The Admiral Benbow Inn — Treasure Island The Aidensfield Arms — Heartbeat The Aigburth Arms —...

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List of defunct hotel chains

chains. Adam's Mark Admiral Benbow Inn Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts Albert Pick AmeriHost Inn AmeriSuites Crest Hotels Cross Country Inn – defunct American motel...

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notable fictional places. Notable fictional pubs include The Admiral Benbow Inn in the Treasure Island pirate story, The Garrison in the 1920s crime TV...

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Ben Gunn (Treasure Island)

planet, BEN joins Jim's family and is finally seen working in the rebuilt Benbow Inn. For a time, in London there was an annual production at the Mermaid Theatre...

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Pirates of Treasure Island

the Admiral Benbow Inn, but has grown tired of a life of monotony and seeks adventure. One of his customers, Billy Bones, dies in his inn and leaves Jim...

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Court of Flags Resort

three franchises at one time. Admiral Benbow Inn (one building), Sheraton Motor Inn (two buildings), and Quality Inn (one building) Ramada Court of Flags...

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Historic Hotels of America

(1907), Santa Rosa, California The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco (1907) Benbow Inn (1926), Garberville, California founding: Strater Hotel (1887), Durango...

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Chimes at Midnight

Mistress Quickly's Boar's Head Tavern, which would double as the Admiral Benbow Inn. Welles also cast each actor in both films, casting himself as Long John...

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Muppet Treasure Island (video game)

Island. In the game, the player is "Hawkins," who leaves the Admiral Benbow Inn to sail to Treasure Island. Gonzo and Rizzo accompany the player—and so...

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Garberville, California

music festival, is held near Garberville. Nearby, the 1925 Tudor Revival Benbow Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places. In the state legislature...

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Light House: A Trifle

Admiral Benbow Inn. He is immediately tasered by one of Castro's detectives, who mistakenly confuses him for Picasso. Back at the Admiral Benbow Inn, the...

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Jim Hawkins and the Curse of Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins (the narrator) takes up ownership of the Admiral Benbow Inn. He improves the inn with his share of the treasure taken from the island, and becomes...

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Return to Treasure Island (TV series)

original Treasure Island adventure. Jim Hawkins returns home to The Admiral Benbow Inn after graduating at Oxford University. His mother has laid on a surprise...

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Benbow Inn

The Benbow Inn, in Garberville, California, is a hotel built in 1926. It was an early hotel on the Redwood Highway; it was originally called the Hotel Benbow.The Benbow Inn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.It was built of Douglas fir and is Tudor Revival in style.It is a member of the Historic Hotels of America.

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