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Thorpe (1866:3). Bellows (1923:3). See discussion at Thorpe (1866:3), Bellows (1923:3), and Larrington (1999:264). Thorpe (1866:9). Bellows (1923:20). See...

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Bellows Falls Neighborhood Historic District

The Bellows Falls Neighborhood Historic District encompasses a residential area of the village of Bellows Falls, Vermont. Located south of downtown Bellows...

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The Weather Man

confronts the counselor at his home, beating him up and warning him that he is in store for worse. The family holds a living funeral for Robert (organised by...

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the Völva says she saw the fate of Baldr "the bleeding god": Henry Adams Bellows translation: "I saw for Baldr, | the bleeding god, The son of Othin, |...

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Pump organ

assistant to run the bellows or, for some of the later models, an electrical pump. These larger instruments were mainly intended for home use, such as allowing...

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Thorpe 1866: 18. Bellows 1923: 82. Larrington 2014: 45. Thorpe 1866: 60. Thorpe 1923: 149. In a footnote accompanying this stanza, Bellows says "No gap is...

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pp. 84,90. Thorpe (1866), p. 62. Bellows (1923), p. 175. Larrington (1999), p. 98. Thorpe (1866), p. 64. Bellows (1923), p. 177. Larrington (1999),...

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John Bellows

John Thomas Bellows (18 January 1831 – 5 May 1902) was a polymath, printer and lexicographer, originally from Cornwall in southwest England. He wrote...

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Houghton House (St. Albans, Vermont)

funeral home. The Houghton House stands south of St. Albans's central business district, on the west side of South Main Street opposite the Bellows Free...

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Proven Innocent

children when Bellows sentenced her to prison for killing her child. Elaine Hendrix as Susan Andrews, a high-profile reporter linked to the Bellows campaign...

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Mike Doonesbury

former boss, Mr. Bellows, was killed and Mike flew out to attend the funeral. He felt extremely guilty because he hadn't actually liked Bellows very much, and...

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Brittany Murphy

Christmas Eve funeral". Daily News. Blankstein, Andrew; Connell, Rich (May 23, 2010). "Husband of actress Brittany Murphy found dead at home". Los Angeles...

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Timeline of Chinese history

surrendered to the Han dynasty. 31 Du Shi invented waterwheel-powered bellows for smelting cast iron. 32 Ban Gu, co-author of the Book of Han, is born...

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god that spawned Janus and Heimdallr. Orchard (1997:174—175). Bellows (1923:23) Bellows (1923:82-83) Larrington (1999:54). Larrington (1999:86). Byock...

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Irish traditional music

be played in the home-key rows by depressing a button, compressing the bellows, depressing the same button and extending the bellows, moving to the next...

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Stephen King

Joe Biden's campaign in the 2020 general election. King endorsed Shenna Bellows in the 2014 U.S. Senate election for the seat held by Republican Susan...

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Pablo Picasso

Jacqueline prevented his children Claude and Paloma from attending the funeral. Devastated and lonely after the death of Picasso, Jacqueline killed herself...

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The Shawshank Redemption

prison warden Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton). William Sadler, Clancy Brown, Gil Bellows, and James Whitmore appear in supporting roles. Darabont purchased the...

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Parkland (film)

President John F. Kennedy Kat Steffens as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Gil Bellows as David Powers Sean McGraw as President Lyndon B. Johnson Rory Cochrane...

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Julius Caesar (1970 film)

wrote in his review: "Ye gods! Must I endure all this?" understandably bellows Cassius (Richard Johnson) in the last lap of the third filming of William...

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In Norse mythology, Heimdallr is a god who keeps watch for invaders and the onset of Ragnarök from his dwelling Himinbjörg, where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets the sky. He is attested as possessing foreknowledge and keen senses, particularly eyesight and hearing. In keeping with his guard duties, Heimdallr possesses the resounding horn Gjallarhorn and the golden-maned horse Gulltoppr, along with a store of mead at his dwelling. He is the son of the Nine Mothers, and he is said to be the originator of social classes among humanity. Other notable stories include the recovery of Freyja's treasured possession Brísingamen while doing battle in the shape of a seal with Loki. The antagonistic relationship between Heimdallr and Loki is notable, as they are foretold to kill one another during the events of Ragnarök. In other places of Norse lore, Heimdallr is additionally referred to as Rig, Hallinskiði, Gullintanni, and Vindlér or Vindhlér. Heimdallr is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional material; in the Prose Edda and Heimskringla, both written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson; in the poetry of skalds; and on an Old Norse runic inscription found in England. Two lines of an otherwise lost poem about the god, Heimdalargaldr, survive. Due to the problematic and enigmatic nature of these attestations, scholars have produced various theories about the nature of the god, including his apparent relation to rams, that he may be a personification of or connected to the world tree Yggdrasil, and potential Indo-European cognates.

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