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Cowboy bedroll

The cowboy bedroll was an American Old West precursor to the modern sleeping bag, which carried a man's bed and some personal belongings in a waterproof...

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Swag (bedroll)

produced readymade bedrolls along the pattern of the original swag, and refer to these as "swags". Bindle Bivouac sack Cowboy bedroll Sleeping pad Swagman...

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trade fairs and events Swag (bedroll), a portable sleeping unit or bedroll Swagman, a transient labourer who carries a bedroll Swagger, an ostentatious style...

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the bottom of the haversack with a leather strap is intended to hold the bedroll, and can be detached from the haversack without disturbing the contents...

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A petate [peˈtate] is a bedroll used in Central America and Mexico. Its name comes from the Náhuatl word petlatl [ˈpet͡ɬat͡ɬ]. The petate is woven from...

Last Update: 2021-03-23T16:24:12Z Word Count : 324 Synonim Petate

Bivouac shelter

(ants) List of human habitation forms Mosquito net Shelter half Swag (bedroll) Mountain hut - a permanent shelter, ranging from a refuge to a lodge Wilderness...

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Siege of Jadotville

the attacks. Some analysts suggest that the Belgian Fouga pilot mistook bedrolls for body bags as he overflew the battlefield.[citation needed] Until the...

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travelled by foot from farm to farm carrying his belongings in a swag (bedroll). The term originated in Australia in the 19th century and was later used...

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back are (variations in names from 2007 UK version in parentheses): a bedroll a canteen (water bottle) a cowboy hat a crate (rifle box) a frying pan...

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AC Express (Indian Railways)

restricted to a speed of 110 km/h. The food is not free in these trains but the bedroll is free for passengers who are traveling by AC Express. The charges of...

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Endless Love (2014 film)

celebrate on the beach, where they camp for the night. Sharing David's bedroll, Jade fondly recalls how her first love - the relationship she shares with...

Last Update: 2021-04-05T13:26:39Z Word Count : 1829 Synonim Endless Love (2014 film)

I've Been Everywhere

aired on April 13, 2014. 'humpin' my bluey' here means carrying my swag (bedroll) This could be either Mattawa, Ontario or Mattawa, Washington. Rolf Harris :::...

Last Update: 2021-04-26T16:29:31Z Word Count : 2444 Synonim I've Been Everywhere


brightly printed kitchen tablecloths. Dull-colored oilcloth was used for bedrolls, sou'westers, and tents. By the late 1950s, oilcloth became a synonym for...

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Russian plasch-palatka spread over ground Bivouac shelter Lean-to Swag (bedroll) Swedish torch Care And Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment Archived...

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List of Confederate monuments and memorials

at his side. He wears a hat with a feather in it and knee-high boots. A bedroll is slung over his proper left shoulder and strapped across his chest and...

Last Update: 2021-05-13T18:50:50Z Word Count : 31867 Synonim List of Confederate monuments and memorials

Edward Glen

Brown - Charlie Brown I Love you, You're Perfect, Now Change - Lead A Bedroll of Foreigners - Heinz The Amazing Mr. Blunden - Jamie Forever Plaid - Sparky...

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Pat Garrett

they were sleeping, but Lee and Gililland expected trouble and took their bedrolls up to the roof of the bunkhouse to avoid being taken by surprise. One of...

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Emergency management

least three days of supplies and rain-tight bedding, a tarpaulin and a bedroll of blankets. Donations are often sought during this period, especially...

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Apollo 9

extravehicular activity. Also present was the Oxygen Purge System (OPS), the "bedroll" atop the backpack, which could provide oxygen for up to roughly an hour...

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Garib Rath Express

outlets (Limited) Baggage facilities Underseat Other facilities Rentable Bedrolls Technical Rolling stock ICF rakes (Modified) Track gauge Indian Gauge 1...

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Cowboy bedroll

The cowboy bedroll was an American Old West precursor to the modern sleeping bag, which carried a man's bed and some personal belongings in a waterproof shell. In Australia, it was called a swag.

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