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Barn Burning

"Barn Burning" is a short story by the American author William Faulkner which first appeared in Harper's in June 1939 (pp. 86-96) and has since been widely...

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Highbury manor as a substantial stone country lodging with a grange and barn. In 1381, during the Peasants' Revolt, Jack Straw led a mob of 20,000 rioters...

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Them (The Walking Dead)

walkers is then spotted approaching the barn; the group works together to fend them off by barricading the door. The next morning, the survivors discover...

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

frontier pursuits as chopping wood and raising a barn. Film critic Stephanie Zacharek has called the barn-raising sequence in Seven Brides "one of the most...

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Worzel Gummidge (TV series)

Braishfield; Michelmersh was used for the scenes in the Scatterbrook barn. Worzel's scarecrow stand was filmed near Fishpond's Farm between Braishfield and King's...

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stands below Eccles Pike. The village of Combs, west of the town, gives its name to the adjacent Combs Reservoir. The Old Brook House (and its barn)...

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A Quiet Place (film)

protect them. Evelyn then falls asleep but soon wakes to discover that the barn basement is flooded with water from a broken pipe and that a creature is...

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Hammonasset School

now houses a youth center and community-access TV facilities, and is still referred to as the “Arts Barn”. The Gymnasium building featured a fitness center...

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2017 in American television

Sneak Peek at the Shows Headed to KidsClick, the New Network TV Morning Cartoon Block". ToonBarn. June 12, 2017. Retrieved June 16, 2017. Fogle, Hans (June...

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List of Bonanza episodes

Back to Bonanza, a one-hour special devoted to the original series. A third TV movie, Bonanza: Under Attack, aired January 15, 1995. Landon Jr. also starred...

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The New Yankee Workshop

backyard. The shop is 936 square feet (87.0 m2) in size. The famous sliding barn door faces west. Along the west wall is the "back bench" and drill press. Along...

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Lamb Chop's Play-Along

Sea Creatures (3 acts) [September 22, 1995] At Home with Lamb Chop Comedy Barn Knock! Knock! A Baby Lamb Chop Story Betcha Riddles Funny Little Poem Animals...

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List of Inspector Montalbano episodes

complaint of an elderly farmer who has found his abandoned barn with a brand new locked door, which neither he nor the two Tunisian immigrants who work...

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List of Little House on the Prairie episodes

three TV movies released between 1983 and 1984 "Special Collector's Issue: 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time". TV Guide (June 28-July 4). 1997. "TV Guide's...

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2018 in American television

to Boomerang". TV Series Finale. Retrieved May 16, 2018. Barn, Toon (January 2, 2018). "Mysticons season 2 moves to Nicktoons". Toon Barn. Archived from...

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Out-of-home advertising

less expensive way of advertising than TV, radio, newspapers and other mediums.[citation needed] DOOH includes stand-alone screens, screens on buildings...

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The Tortured

cabin, Elise and Craig enter the barn, finding Galligan (who they believe is Kozlowski) just as he hangs himself in the barn, with a note in hand. Based on...

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Jimmy Carter

pp. 83–87. ISBN 978-0-8129-2299-8. Bourne, pp. 108–132. Lyman-Barner, Kirk; Lyman-Barner, Cori (2014). Roots in the Cotton Patch: The Clarence Jordan Symposium...

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Safe (TV series)

Fiennes-Tiffin as Ioan Fuller, teenager Karen Bryson as Helen Crowthorne, next-door neighbor to the Delaney family Safe has received positive reviews. It has...

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Great Chalfield Manor

Cartulary manuscript, compiled for Thomas Tropenell, is still kept there. The barn northwest of the house, built in the 17th and 18th centuries, is also Grade...

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Barn Burning

"Barn Burning" is a short story by the American author William Faulkner which first appeared in Harper's in June 1939 (pp. 86-96) and has since been widely anthologized. The story deals with class conflicts, the influence of fathers, and vengeance as viewed through the third-person perspective of a young, impressionable child. It precedes The Hamlet, The Town, and The Mansion, the three novels that make up Faulkner's Snopes trilogy.

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