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off the floor and in place, thus largely removing the need for andirons. However, andirons were often still kept for decorative reasons, and sometimes as...

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Faggot (unit)

College fire-dogs were fire basket (andirons) that could hold long faggots, and half-faggots were smaller andirons that could only hold short faggots and...

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bag), plum peach (clingstone), French harp (harmonica), and dog irons (andirons). In the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey, 86% of Alabama...

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Timberline Lodge

bears, and seals. Fireplace screens were fashioned from tire chains. Andirons and other iron work were forged from railroad tracks. WPA workers used...

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common in recent Western cultures include grates, fireguards, log boxes, andirons and pellet baskets, all of which cradle fuel and accelerate combustion...

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terms in northern Mississippi include: tow sack (burlap bag), dog irons (andirons), plum peach (clingstone peach), snake doctor (dragonfly), and stone wall...

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Blackamoor (decorative arts)

light fixtures. They may be incorporated into small stands, tables, or andirons, and are often portrayed in pairs. Often, blackamoor figures are depicted...

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New York University

(formally giving way in 1907 and reconstituted into the Andiron Club). Included among the Andiron's regulations was "Rule No.11: Have no relations save...

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Dog (engineering)

the horizontal openings between decks, and are secured with hatch dogs. Andirons, which hold up the firewood in a fireplace, are sometimes called dogs,...

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======+==+=========+ | | | | | | | | | | | u1100s | bmd70 ucf-cs ucf | andiron | | | | | | | | | | | | | red | | | | | pyuxh | | | | zeppo | | | | | psupdp---psuvax...

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Folk etymology

spelling of many borrowed words reflects folk etymology. For example, andiron borrowed from Old French was variously spelled aundyre or aundiren in Middle...

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List of characters in mythology novels by Rick Riordan

well where Andiron died. Magnus manages to stab and kill him, allowing him, Blitz, and Hearth to take the whetstone and the ring. Andiron – Hearth's younger...

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and playing with rocks when a Brunnmigi emerged from a well and killed Andiron. Since Hearthstone was deaf, he didn't notice until it was too late. Hearthstone...

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Dog (disambiguation)

tool that prevents or imparts movement by offering physical engagement Andiron; specifically, engineering dogs used in a fireplace: "dog irons" or "fire...

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length, with intervals which were vacant." Many of these bones were used as andirons and destroyed; Bry saved the bones he could find, but was convinced more...

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Robert R. Blacker House

Greene and Greene items; living room chair, bedroom chair, and bedroom andirons were sold at Sotheby's fetching prices, including Buyer's premium and New...

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fire; by special favour, weak little tongs and two large stones for an andiron." Linguet complained of only initially having "two mattresses half eaten...

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Collegiate secret societies in North America

operated from 1832 to 1888), Eucleian Society (from 1832 to the 1940s), and Andiron Club. Only Red Dragon Society and Knights of the Lamp still exist, though...

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Idaho Building (Chicago World's Fair)

persons who should enter. The men's fireplace was made of lava rock, and the andirons were made of bear traps and fish spears, while arrows, spears, tomahawks...

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Audrey Munson

Lady. Bitter modeled a statuette of Venus as the crowning figure for an andiron in the library of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, 1893–1895...

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An andiron or firedog, fire-dog or fire dog is a bracket support, normally found in pairs, on which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace, so that air may circulate under the firewood, allowing better burning and less smoke. They generally consist of a tall vertical element at the front, with at least two legs. This stops the logs from rolling out into the room, and may be highly decorative. The other element is one or more low horizontal pieces stretching back and serving to hold the logs off the bottom of the fireplace. An andiron is sometimes called a dog or dog-iron. Before the Renaissance, European andirons were almost invariably made entirely of iron and were of comparatively plain design. Indeed, andirons and firebacks were one of the first types of object to be commonly made in cast iron, a trend which in England began in the 1540s: until the nineteenth century cast iron was too brittle for many uses, but andirons carried light loads and this was not a problem. However, from the Renaissance onwards the front vertical element was increasingly given decorative treatment, and was in a different metal, such as brass, bronze or silver, which allowed casting, hugely increasing the range of decorative possibilities. When metals that could be cast began to be used for the fronts, these ordinary objects of the household received the attention of the artist, and had skill and taste lavished upon them. Thus English late 17th-century andirons often have elaborate flat brass front pieces, often in openwork and sometimes using enamel for further decoration. By the eighteenth century classical forms with several mouldings, similar to those used for candlesticks and the like, predominate in pieces for the middle classes, and were imitated in the American colonies, often just in iron and rather more simply. Small figures at the front also became popular; in America cast flat "Hessian" soldiers were a long-lasting favourite. In Continental Europe, men such as Jean Berain, whose artistry was most especially applied to the ornamentation of Boulle furniture, sometimes designed them. The Algardi Firedogs commissioned from the Roman sculptor Alessandro Algardi for Philip IV of Spain by Velasquez in 1650 were copied in several foundries. The andiron reached its greatest artistic development under Louis XIV of France. From the eighteenth century, fireplaces increasingly had built-in metal grates to hold the firewood, or, increasingly, the coal, up off the floor and in place, thus largely removing the need for andirons. However, andirons were often still kept for decorative reasons, and sometimes as a place to rest pokers, tongs and other fire implements. In older periods andirons were used as a rest for a roasting spit; and sometimes included a cup-shaped top to hold porridge. Sometimes, smaller pairs were placed between the main andirons for smaller fires. These are called "creepers".

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