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Damnation Alley (film)

since the war. He and the remaining others set out in two Air Force "Landmasters," giant, gas guzzling, 12-wheeled armored personnel carriers capable...

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Star Fox

traditional white and blue color scheme, while Wolf's Landmaster is a black and red color scheme. Falco's Landmaster can fly higher and longer than Fox's but its...

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Star Fox 64

tank-like vehicle called the Landmaster is used for two levels in the game, Macbeth and Titania. Like the Arwing, the Landmaster can boost and brake but it...

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Star Fox: Assault

distinctive types. The player can either fly an Arwing spacecraft, drive a Landmaster tank or perform certain tasks on foot. All three play types are available...

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Australian Cattle Dog

Lenthal Flinton and Lenthal Darlot, followed in 1980 by Landmaster Darling Red in whelp. Landmaster Darling Red was imported by John and Mary Holmes, and...

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Leyland Comet

of a new rationalised range and replaced the Terrier, Boxer, Reiver, Landmaster, and Clydesdale models - although there was some resistance to retiring...

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Dean Jeffries

for Ford.), Black Beauty (from The Green Hornet), the Monkeemobile, the Landmaster from Damnation Alley; (1977), the moon buggy (that James Bond steals in...

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Tri-star (wheel arrangement)

at the Rock Island Arsenal Museum. Its most famous application was the Landmaster, a unique armoured personnel carrier (APC) from the 1977 film Damnation...

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Damnation Alley

drive through "Damnation Alley" across a ruined America from Los Angeles to Boston—as one of three Landmaster vehicles attempting to deliver an urgently needed...

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Lucifer (film)

three days. Stephen's (Mohanlal) car used in the film is a Hindustan Landmaster inscribed with the number 666 on the vehicle registration plate. Filming...

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Fantasporto international film festival in Porto, Portugal.[citation needed] Landmaster Klady, Leonard (January 30, 1994). "The lowdown on '94's record box office...

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Ark II

vehicles for science-fiction films and television. These include the Landmaster for the film Damnation Alley, with which the Ark II is sometimes confused...

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Easy Gardener Products, Inc.

over 250 people in North America and Europe. Easy Gardener WeedBlock Jobe's ROSS Emerald Edge Fiber Edge Ultra-Edge Landmaster Morningstar http://globaldocuments...

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Ray Wijewardene

and marketed worldwide by the Landmaster company. He promoted the tractor with farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for a decade. Wijewardene later...

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Morris Oxford

car (except the air-vent situated upon the bonnet) naming it Hindustan Landmaster. The Oxford was updated for 1957 with a new fluted bonnet and small rear...

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SsangYong Korando

developed into the Asia Rocsta. The civilian CJ-5 Jeep was built as the Asia Landmaster from September 1974, with a long-wheelbase model added in 1977. These...

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List of fictional cars

large, nuclear-powered bus in the 1976 comedy The Big Bus Bluesmobile Landmaster - Damnation Alley, 1977 EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle - Stripes, 1981 Hannibal...

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Star Fox Zero

the player freely walk around on platforms and in enclosed spaces. The Landmaster tank can transform into the Gravmaster, which can perform extended aerial...

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Hermann Balk

fountains in West Prussian cities, which are dedicated to this first Landmaster. Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie Urban, p. 279 Urban, p. 55 Urban, p. 56...

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Star Fox 64 3D

content, whereas the Nintendo 64 version allowed players to unlock the "Landmaster" tank and "on-foot" modes after completing certain requirements in the...

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Damnation Alley (film)

Damnation Alley is a 1977 post-apocalyptic film directed by Jack Smight, loosely based on the 1969 novel of the same name by Roger Zelazny. The original music score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith and the cinematography was by Harry Stradling Jr.

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