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Karen Foss

television career at KCMO-TV (now KCTV), in Kansas City, Missouri. Foss was named vice president for public relations for the utility company Ameren on February...

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Douglas R. Oberhelman

2010. Oberhelman retired from Caterpillar in 2017. He sat on the board of Ameren until April 27, 2010. He served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee...

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John Shalikashvili

family get started, finding jobs and a home for them. Dimitri worked for Ameren, and Maria was a file clerk at Commercial National Bank. When Shalikashvili...

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Springfield, Illinois

has been completed and came online in 2009. Natural gas is provided via Ameren Illinois, formerly Central Illinois Light Company (CILCO). Interstate 55...

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Lobbying in the United States

million in revenues with clients including Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Visa Inc., Ameren Corporation, and Waste Management Inc.. Senators Robert Bennett and Byron...

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Stephen F. Brauer

Boatmen’s Trust Company, the Private Client Board of Bank of America, and Ameren Corporation (NYSE:AEE). "West Area Weddings and Engagements: Miss Camilla...

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Revolving door (politics)

revenues in 2010 from clients including Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Visa Inc., Ameren Corporation, and Waste Management Inc.. The subprime crisis erupted in 2007...

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PIER Systems

Shell, Marathon Oil Corporation, Enbridge, Valero Energy Corporation and Ameren; U.S. government organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard, USDA, Los Angeles...

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Westminster College (Missouri)

also partnered with Ameren UE in Missouri and Illinois to offer continuing education and degree completion programs for the Ameren's employees. All incoming...

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Ron Stephens (Illinois politician)

money back from Ameren. Stephens said, "This supposed 'rate relief' package will only give back seven or eight dollars a month to Ameren customers who have...

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Kurt Schaefer

general. Among other career highlights, Schaefer oversaw the emergency response and cleanup of the destruction caused by AmerenUE's Taum Sauk Reservoir...

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Robert E. Hillard

community and building the business.[citation needed] Union Electric (now Ameren UE of St. Louis) and Anheuser-Busch were its first clients. Hillard stepped...

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Leo Mackay Jr.

Corporation, retrieved April 15, 2016 [2] 3BL Media, retrieved April 20, 2019 [3] Ameren, Inc., retrieved January 17, 2021. [4] Cognizant Technology Solutions, retrieved...

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Thom Serafin

Disabilities, Wal-Mart, Morgan Stanley, Vulcan Materials, the Carpenters Union, Ameren Power Company, Arlington Park International Racecourse, Westfield Concession...

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Jeffrey Holmstead

of his longtime lobbying clients, including Duke Energy, DTE Energy, and Ameren, which he had represented since 2007 in his role with Bracewell. Jeff Holmstead...

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Wednesday. Frazier, Mike (December 9, 2006). "Eight days and counting: Ameren says most power should be fixed today, but those still waiting feel frustration"...

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2014 in radio

goes off the air after the station stops paying its bills, resulting in Ameren turning off the power to its transmitter site. Following the shutdown, station...

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Karen Foss

Karen Foss, born Karen Colleen Graham in Kansas City, Kansas in 1944, was a television anchorwoman on KSDK in St. Louis, Missouri from 1979 until December 28, 2006. Foss won six Emmys, two for best anchor, named media personality of the year, and acquired the highest “Q” rating as the best-known news reader in the local market. In 2005, she was inducted into the Silver Circle by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her 25 years of journalistic excellence by the NATAS Mid-America Chapter. Before her work at KSDK, she began her television career at KCMO-TV (now KCTV), in Kansas City, Missouri. Foss was named vice president for public relations for the utility company Ameren on February 21, 2007.

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