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Paper size

paper sizes such as "Letter" and "Legal" are used. The international standard for envelopes is the C series of ISO 269. The international paper size standard...

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"Long") size envelope which originated in the 1920s. There are dozens of sizes of envelopes available in the United States. The designations such as "A2" do...

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ISO 216

commonly listed alongside the A and B sizes. All ISO 216, ISO 217 and ISO 269 paper sizes (except some envelopes) have the same aspect ratio, √2:1, within...

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Photo print sizes

American S prefix. Japanese Chou sizes are for envelopes and Hagaki for postcards. They do not match exactly the related sizes from ISO 216, like A6 for international...

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G2 phase

irreversible actions in early mitosis, including centrosome separation, nuclear envelope breakdown, and spindle assembly. In vertebrates, there are five cyclin...

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Bristol board

collector. Common sizes include 22+1⁄2 in × 28+1⁄2 in (572 mm × 724 mm) and its bulk thickness is 0.006 inches (0.15 mm) or higher and A4, A3, A2 and A1. Bristol...

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Checkbook a wallet that can hold standard-sized cheques Envelope a long wallet that has features similar to an envelope with a covering flap. Automatic wallet...

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three-dimensional space has a cuboidal envelope. Two pairs of cells project to the upper and lower halves of this envelope, and the four remaining cells project...

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Rhombic dodecahedron

of vertex, threefold and fourfold. The last two correspond to the B2 and A2 Coxeter planes. For edge length √3, the eight vertices where three faces meet...

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sheet of A0. A2 is half the size of a sheet of A1, and so forth. Common sizes used in the office and the home are A4 and A3 (A3 is the size of two A4 sheets)...

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Energy conservation in the United States

opportunity for comfort and savings gains, but improving the building envelope through air sealing and adding more insulation, advanced windows, etc....

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swarm founders that nest in cavities. The nest generally is without an envelope. The genus includes the species A. vicina that sometimes nests in attics...

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CPC Binary Barcode

This barcode is printed on the lower-right-hand corner of each faced envelope, using a unique ultraviolet-fluorescent ink. The applied barcode uses printed...

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Cell division

exiting the cell cycle. Prophase is the first stage of division. The nuclear envelope is broken down in this stage, long strands of chromatin condense to form...

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Engineering drawing

enlarged to A2 or reduced to A4. The U.S. customary "A-size" corresponds to "letter" size, and "B-size" corresponds to "ledger" or "tabloid" size. There were...

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Soddy's hexlet

The envelope of Soddy's hexlets is a Dupin cyclide, an inversion of the torus. Thus Soddy's construction shows that a cyclide of Dupin is the envelope of...

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Rules of chess

are recorded on the envelope; the envelope may also be signed by both players. The arbiter then keeps possession of the envelope until it is time to restart...

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Hepatitis B virus

serotypes (adr, adw, ayr, ayw) based on antigenic epitopes present on its envelope proteins. These serotypes are based on a common determinant (a) and two...

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List of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches

occur during higher winds than usual; this test to expand the landing envelope was successfully passed by the booster. 106 24 January 2021 15:00 F9 B5...

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List of Intel Itanium processors

Steppings: A1 and A2. Die size: 432 mm². Transistor count: 592 million. CPUID: 001F020104h (stepping A1) or 001F020204h (stepping A2). 9M is the chip of...

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Paper size

Paper size standards govern the size of sheets of paper used as writing paper, stationery, cards, and for some printed documents. The ISO 216 standard, which includes the commonly used A4 size, is the international standard for paper size. It is used across the world except in North America and parts of Central and South America, where North American paper sizes such as "Letter" and "Legal" are used. The international standard for envelopes is the C series of ISO 269.

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