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Audio and video interfaces and connectors

capabilities of IEEE A/V network. "2.5mm Audio Cables". Archived from the original on September 26, 2013. "Chapter 3: PC 99 basic requirements". PC 99 System...

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Phone connector (audio)

2016. Retrieved September 8, 2016. The 3.5mm mini-phono plug connector of the ATC Probe plugs into the 3.5mm mini-phono jack on the pH meter. Divine...

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Audio headset

a standard 3.5 mm jack, so users may be able to directly connect the headset to it. There are however different pin-alignment to the 3.5mm plug, mainly...

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Xiaomi Mi 11

the 3.5mm audio output and input interface that has been removed. The 3.5mm standard connector can only be converted using a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio cable...

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signal on the other; signals kept separate). A Y-cable common in domestic settings has a stereo 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo male minijack at one end, to plug into...

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List of Bose portable audio products

AUX button (The speaker changed to AUX automatically when it received a 3.5mm input) and added a multifunction button which could perform a variety of...

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List of Sony Ericsson products

speaker (connected via 3.5mm, no bluetooth, both need power) MBS-900 bluetooth speaker with integrated subwoofer (also has 3.5mm input) MS-500 waterproof...

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List of RF connector types

metric threads and a smaller pin, and do not cross-mate with SMA. The 0.5mm centre pin is the same diameter as the centre of RG405 Coax so that connections...

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to supporting Bluetooth, the speaker can be connected via a standard 3.5mm audio input. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to be remotely switched...

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Mighty Audio

longer needs a phone or Internet connection for music playback. Mighty has a 3.5mm headset jack and also works with Bluetooth headphones. Mighty makes Spotify...

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Roland SC-7

serial/computer operation) Audio Input 1 (stereo 3.5mm miniature jack) Audio Input 2 (stereo 3.5mm miniature jack, in front-panel) Audio Output (RCA jack L,R)...

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audio processing chip into USB Type-C connector. With CDLA, instead of the smartphone decoding the audio and outputting signal through analog 3.5mm jack...

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connector on the Roku XDS (2100X) is a nonstandard 3.5mm connector and a proprietary adapter cable, which is sold separately, is effectively required...

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Nokia Pop-Port

microUSB) sockets for data services and a 4-part 2.5mm or 3.5mm "standard" TRRS socket for audio. Nokia had been equipping certain devices with one of...

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Cassette tape

allow external audio sources to be played back from any tape player, but were typically used for car audio systems. An attached audio cable with a phone...

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of the daughter card. It supplies access to: power & reset switches 3.5mm audio in/out S/PDIF-in power & HDD activity LEDs 4 USB 2.0 ports The VIA PX-TC...

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PlayStation 2 accessories

parties. These include controllers, audio and video input devices like microphones and video cameras, and cables for better sound and picture quality...

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Fujifilm X-S10

Film Simulation modes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity USB-C, HDMI-D, 3.5mm audio jack Large grip Pop-up flash Mode dial, front and rear command dials...

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more freedom of movement and a 6.3mm plug to be used with a mixer and a 3.5mm for use with a regular mobile device. They have been shown to have good...

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synth mass-manufacturers like Moog and Roland. Compact size, 3.5mm mono jacks and cables for patching all signals, and lack of a visual or sonic aesthetic...

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Audio and video interfaces and connectors

Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical or optical connectors for carrying audio or video signals. Audio interfaces or video interfaces define physical parameters and interpretation of signals. For digital audio and digital video, this can be thought of as defining the physical layer, data link layer, and most or all of the application layer. For analog audio and analog video these functions are all represented in a single signal specification like NTSC or the direct speaker-driving signal of analog audio. Physical characteristics of the electrical or optical equipment include the types and numbers of wires required, voltages, frequencies, optical intensity, and the physical design of the connectors. Any data link layer details define how application data is encapsulated (for example for synchronization or error-correction). Application layer details define the actual audio or video format being transmitted, often incorporating codecs not specific to the interface, such as PCM, MPEG-2, or the DTS Coherent Acoustics codec. In some cases, the application layer is left open; for example, HDMI contains an Ethernet channel for general data transmission. Some types of connectors are used by multiple hardware interfaces; for example, RCA connectors are used both by the composite video and component video interfaces, but DVI is the only interface that uses the DVI connector. This means that in some cases not all components with physically compatible connectors will actually work together. Analog A/V connectors often use shielded cables to inhibit radio frequency interference (RFI) and noise.

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