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Chief John Big Tree

Krause Publications. pp. 10–28. ISBN 978-1440206504. "The History of the Buffalo Nickel - Part I". www.hobbizine.com. "Lifestyle - Mens Health, Career, and...

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1913 Liberty Head nickel

Indian Head (Buffalo) nickel was introduced in February 1913, replacing the Liberty Head design. These were the first official strikings of nickels in 1913...

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United States nickel mintage figures

These are the mintage quantities for strikings of the United States nickel. P = Philadelphia Mint D = Denver Mint S = San Francisco Mint W = West Point...

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New York Central Railroad

St. Louis in the Midwest along with the intermediate cities of Albany, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Syracuse. New York Central was headquartered...

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Louis Sullivan

vocal voice was Richard Nickel, who organized protests against the demolition of architecturally significant buildings. Nickel and others sometimes rescued...

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List of presidents of the United States on currency

(similar to pre-Jefferson buffalo nickel reverse) "Ocean in view! O! The Joy!" (quote by William Clark) 2006—present nickel "Return to Monticello" with...

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United States Mint coin production

for 25¢ coins. In 1938, both the Buffalo and Jefferson designs were used for 5¢ coins. In 1942, both the copper-nickel and 35% silver planchets were used...

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a nickel, too / Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you." Coming at a time of economic crisis, the campaign succeeded in boosting Pepsi's status. From 1936 to...

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James Earle Fraser (sculptor)

most famous projects, such as End of the Trail and the Indian Head (Buffalo) nickel. Fraser began carving figures from pieces of limestone scavenged from...

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American Women quarters

Circulating 1¢ 5¢ 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1 Obsolete 1⁄2¢ 1¢ (large size) 2¢ 3¢ (silver) 3¢ (nickel) 5¢ (silver) 20¢ $1 (gold) $2.5 $3 $5 $10 $20 Canceled 2¢ (billon) 2.5¢...

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United States Proof Set

previous coins, they were also offered as a set. Proof cents and nickels produced in early 1936 had a satin finish, which was unpopular with collectors as it...

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Nickel Trophy

oversized 75-pound replica of the James Earle Fraser-designed U.S. buffalo nickel with a buffalo on one side representing NDSU Bison and a Native American head...

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Laura Gardin Fraser

Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Baltimore. The competition was held in 1936 and six eminent American sculptors, Lee Lawrie, Paul Manship, Edward McCartan...

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Mount Rushmore

Clark, their expedition guide Sacagawea, Oglala Lakota chief Red Cloud, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Oglala Lakota chief Crazy Horse. Borglum believed that the...

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Jim Haslett

in the second round of the 1979 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. He was a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills until 1985, and played with the New York Jets...

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List of named passenger trains of the United States (A–B)

Burlington & Quincy Chicago–Denver [1936] 1936 Advance Empire State Express New York Central New York City–Buffalo, New York [1952] 1942–1956 Advance Florida...

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Wild Bill Hickok

Navy Model (.36 caliber) cap-and-ball revolvers. They had ivory grips and nickel plating, and were ornately engraved with "J.B. Hickok–1869" on the backstrap...

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Paul Newman

maint: discouraged parameter (link) Lu, Carol (April 24, 2007). "If I had a nickel for every beer I drank today". The Daily Princetonian. Archived from the...

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List of 20th Century Fox films (1935–1999)

1936 King of Burlesque January 10, 1936 Charlie Chan's Secret January 17, 1936 Paddy O'Day January 24, 1936 Professional Soldier January 31, 1936 My...

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Marlin Model 336

1893 to 1936. Based on the patents of L.L. Hepburn, the Model 1893 incorporated a new locking bolt system and a two-piece firing pin. In 1936, with only...

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Chief John Big Tree

Chief John Big Tree (born Isaac Johnny John, June 2, 1877 – July 6, 1967) was a member of the Seneca Nation and an actor who appeared in 59 films between 1915 and 1950. He was born in Buffalo, New York and died in Onondaga Indian Reservation, New York. His interment was also there. Big Tree claimed to be one of three Native American chiefs whose profiles were composited to make the portrait featured on the obverse of the United States' Indian Head nickel, designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser. The other two chiefs were Iron Tail and Two Moons. Big Tree claimed that his profile was used to create that portion of the portrait from the top of the forehead to the upper lip. Big Tree also claimed to be the sole model for Fraser's most recognized work, the doleful "End of the Trail". Both of these claims are broadly disputed, and Fraser identified other models.He also appeared on the March 1964 cover of Esquire magazine, in a pose commemorating the Indian Head nickel.

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