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Pillow Pets

chenille. Pillow Pets were invented by Jennifer Telfer in 2003. They first gained success when Telfer personally sold the toys close to the Christmas season...

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Pillow People

Pillow People are rectangular stuffed toys (pillows) with decal faces and stuffed hands & feet attached to their bodies. The line was started in 1986...

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Bobby Vinton discography

Nights (US #116) 1965: Drive-In Movie Time 1966: Bobby Vinton Sings Satin Pillows and Careless (US #110) 1966: Country Boy 1967: Bobby Vinton Sings the Newest...

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Pillows & Prayers

Pillows & Prayers (subtitled Cherry Red 1982-1983) is a compilation album released Christmas 1982, featuring artists on the Cherry Red record label. The...

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Jane Krakowski

starred in Alan Menken's television movie version of A Christmas Carol, featured as The Ghost of Christmas Past. In 2006, she provided the voice of the deer...

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Saint Nicholas Day

children wait for St. Nicholas to come and to put a present under their pillows provided that the children were good during the year. Children who behaved...

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List of Deadly Women episodes

escalates, and when she shows up at Marie's house with a bottle of vodka on Christmas Eve 2008, Marie asks her to leave. In a drunken rage, Karen bludgeons...

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Sufjan Stevens

sang these songs in the privacy of my dorm room, behind closed doors, pillows and cushions stuffed in the air vents so no one would hear. And then I...

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Tears on My Pillow

"Tears on My Pillow" is a doo-wop song written by Sylvester Bradford and Al Lewis in 1958. The composition was first recorded by Little Anthony and the...

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Pillow Talkin'

you.’ So they pitched me ‘Pillow Talkin’ and it went from there." The song was sent to radio on Christmas Day in 2019. "Pillow Talkin'" reached a peak of...

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Promising Young Woman

2020). "'Promising Young Woman' Will be Released in Theaters in Time for Christmas". Variety. Archived from the original on November 20, 2020. Retrieved...

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Eyes Wide Shut

pillow next to his sleeping wife. He breaks down in tears and tells Alice the whole truth of the past two days. The next morning, they go Christmas shopping...

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Tooth fairy

children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow or on their bedside table and the Tooth Fairy will visit while they sleep...

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Blake Shelton

Shelton's songs, including "Nobody but Me", appeared on the TV movie The Christmas Blessing, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Rebecca Gayheart, Angus T. Jones...

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List of slang names for cannabis

Gallina Gato Green paint Grenuda Guardada Lechuga Lemon-Lime Liamba Lime Pillows Loud Mafafa Manteca Maracachafa Mariquita My Brother Narizona O-Boy Palm...

Last Update: 2021-05-09T13:08:34Z Word Count : 1305 Synonim List of slang names for cannabis

Marvin Gay Sr.

his children "I brought you into this world, I can take you out". On Christmas Day 1983 Marvin gave his father an unregistered .38 caliber Smith & Wesson...

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Nights into Dreams

lists of the greatest games of all time. An abbreviated Christmas-themed version, Christmas Nights, was released in December 1996. The game was ported...

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Mixed Nuts

head wound. While the doctor is distracted discussing relationships and pillows with Philip, Felix steals and quickly overdoses on dog tranquilizers and...

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Abies balsamea

as an antiseptic ointment. They stuff the leaves, needles and wood into pillows as a panacea. The Algonquin people of Quebec apply a poultice of the gum...

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List of Jewish Academy Award winners and nominees

Makovsky Pleasantville Nominated 2000 Rita Ryack How the Grinch Stole Christmas Nominated 2001 Judianna Makovsky Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone...

Last Update: 2021-04-26T03:06:05Z Word Count : 79 Synonim List of Jewish Academy Award winners and nominees

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Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets are a brand of stuffed toys with Velcro straps which enable them to be converted from a decorative pillow into a stuffed animal. The toys are made from chenille. Pillow Pets were invented by Jennifer Telfer in 2003. They first gained success when Telfer personally sold the toys close to the Christmas season of that year. They would later become more successful through television advertising, where the company's famous slogan, "It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a Pillow Pet!" was featured in every ad. Pillow Pets have been used for charitable fund raising.

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