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Vise (disambiguation)

A vise (also spelled vice) is a mechanical screw apparatus. Vise, Visé or VISE may also refer to: Visé, Belgium People with the surname Vise: Brittany...

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Vice (disambiguation)

in curling Vise or vice, a screw apparatus for clamping work Vice squad (disambiguation) Vice Versa (disambiguation) Vicious (disambiguation), which can...

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Saber (disambiguation)

Mark Saber, fictional character from the series ABC Mystery Theater, The Vise, and Saber of London Kamen Rider Saber, a 2020-21 Japanese tokusatsu series...

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Acme thread form, a screw thread used in specialized applications such as vises and leadscrews Acme zone, a biostratigraphic zone where a fossil reaches...

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Philosopher's Stone (disambiguation)

Stone (video game), 2001 video game based on the film of the same name. Den vises sten, a fourteenth-century Swedish poem on the Philosopher's Stone. The...

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One Just Man

One Just Man may refer to: "One Just Man" (The Vise), 1954 The Vise television episode One Just Man, 1975 film a.k.a. Syndicate Sadists The putative only...

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The New York Times

was ranked #1 in a 2011 "quality" ranking of U.S. newspapers by Daniel de Vise of The Washington Post; the objective ranking took into account the number...

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Artificial intelligence

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in the Era of Cyberspace: 11. Bibcode:1993vise.nasa...11V. Archived from the original on 1 January 2007. Retrieved 14 November...

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dithematic name (of two lexemes), derived from the Slavic words veli/vyache/więce/više ("great(er), large(r)"), and slava ("glory, fame"), both very common in Slavic...

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services". Archived from the original on 2008-06-23. Retrieved 2011-05-27. David Vise & Mark Malseed (2005). The Google Story. p. 37. ISBN 978-0-553-80457-7. "Google...

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Tiffany (given name)

(born 1989), American kickboxer Tiffany Villarreal, American singer Tiffany Vise (born 1986), American figure skater Tiffany Whitton (born 1987), American...

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Vishal (name)

1949), Indian author Vishal Mishra (composer), Indian music composer and singer Vishal Sareen (born 1973), Indian chess player Vishal (disambiguation)...

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pennywinkis in Scotland, or pilliwinks, crushed the tips of fingers and toes in a vise-like device. The Spanish Boot, or "leg-screw", used mostly in Germany and...

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Slavic names

Radim) are not included. Boris I of Bulgaria Borislav Casimir Jaroslav (disambiguation) Vladimir of Duklja Ladislaus I of Hungary Ludmila of Bohemia Milutin...

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Granville, Manche

Emporis. Retrieved 24 October 2015. musee-dior-granville.com "Granville vise le label". Ouest-France. 7 February 2009. Archived from the original on 4...

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Hey You

You", by Oz from Heavy Metal Heroes "Hey, You", by Paula Seling from Culeg Vise "Hey You", by The Pharcyde from Labcabincalifornia "Hey You", by Phunk Junkeez...

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običaja i verovanja u Srba na Kosovu i Metohiji: VI vek - početak XX veka : više od 2000 odrednica. Vojnoizdavački zavod. p. 402. This page or section lists...

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Roditelji". Retrieved 2020-04-17. "Analiza "jugoslovenskih imena": Zašto više nema malih Zorana, Ratka, Željka, Radovana, Slobodana..." Nedeljnik. Retrieved...

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Lješanska nahija

Riječke nahije i to najsiromašniji i najmanji dio Crne Gore, nastanjeno sa više bratstava, koja se s obzirom na neke razlike među njima (naročito vjerske)...

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2010 in heavy metal music

a Mad Band: Europe in the Year of VI (live DVD/CD) 24 Svartsot Mulmets Viser 26 Cathedral The Guessing Game Heidevolk Uit oude Grond Negură Bunget Vîrstele...

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Vise (disambiguation)

A vise (also spelled vice) is a mechanical screw apparatus. Vise, Visé or VISE may also refer to:

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