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Skate shoe

While numerous non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes as they are popular in fashion, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed especially...

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List of shoe styles

shoe Russian boot Sabot Saddle shoe Sailing boots Sandal Coiled sewn Ho Chi Minh Saltwater Self-tying shoes Skate shoe Ski boot Slide Slingback Slip-on...

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particular identity with a style of shoe, other brands of shoe companies began to specifically design skate shoes for functionality and style to further...

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Street skateboarding

skate shoes but also modern footwear in general. A pair of signed Fallen skate shoes A pair of Osiris D3 2001 shoes A pair of DC Court Graffik shoes Supra...

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Roller skating

the bottom of a shoe or boot. 1857: The hobby of roller skating gained enough momentum to warrant the opening of the first public skating rinks. The Strand...

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across ice. Skate shoes have also been designed to provide a comfortable, flexible and durable shoe for the sport of skateboarding. Climbing shoes are rubber-soled...

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Converse (brand)

signature skate shoe model in February 2010. Pappalardo explains: I got into woodworking about two years ago, through a buddy of mine who I used to skate with...

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Ice skate

speed skating. A clap skate (or clapper skate) is a type of skate where the shoe is connected to the blade using a hinge. Short track racing skates have...

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Sole Technology

Sole Technology, Inc. is an American footwear company, specializing in skate shoe production and distribution. The company is owned and run by Pierre André...

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Roller skates

Roller skates, are shoes or bindings that fit onto shoes that are worn to enable the wearer to roll along on wheels. The first roller skate was an inline...

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Supra (footwear brand)

Supra was an American skate shoe brand founded in California by Angel Cabada in partnership with professional skateboarders. Korean fashion retailer F&F...

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IPath Footwear

technical skate shoes. The company was founded on principles of high performance and low environmental impact. Additionally, iPath was the first skate shoe company...

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DVS Shoes

Song released his thirteenth signature shoe model with the brand. Jon Nguyen was officially welcomed to the skate team on July 2, 2013 and a welcome video...

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Shoe Goo

shoe components, as a filler on worn shoe soles, and as a sealer to repair waterproof fabrics and footwear. Skateboarders use Shoe Goo on their skate...

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Tony Alva

to design the off-the-wall skateboard shoe, the original skate shoe. Alva's father had been buying Vans shoes for his kids since they were young. Vans...

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sneaker shoes with four detachable roller skate wheels and can be used as ordinary shoe or as a roller skating device. It is a lightweight roller skate, and...

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Moccasins Monks Mules Platform shoes Plimsoll shoes School shoes Skate shoes Tap shoes Toe shoes Sandals Kolhapuri Chappals Peshawari chappal Flip-flops (thongs)...

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Savier Footwear

Oregon based skate shoe company operating from 2000-2004. Founded in 2000 by Paul Fidrych, Savier Footwear was a short lived skate shoe company. Savier...

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Chad Muska

heavily involved with every aspect of the shoe's design, which was the way he continued for his subsequent skate shoe designs, regardless of the brand. Following...

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Ryan Sheckler

present at the opening of the park. Sheckler's sponsors were the Etnies skate shoe company and Oakley, Inc., both of which made contact with Sheckler when...

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Skate shoe

Skate shoes or skateboard shoes are a type of footwear specifically designed and manufactured for use in skateboarding. While numerous non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes as they are popular in fashion, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed especially for use in skateboarding, including a vulcanized rubber or polyurethane sole with minimal tread pattern or no pattern, a composition leather or suede upper, and reinforced stitching to extend the life of the upper material. The most important aspect of skate shoes is that they have flat soles which allow the skater to have better board control.

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