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Nylon (disambiguation)

Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a generic term for a class of polymers Nylon 66, (aka nylon 6-6, nylon 6,6 or nylon 6/6) a type of polyamide in common...

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Snatch, an album by Howie B Snatch, a first-wave punk duo formed by Judy Nylon and Patti Palladin Snatch (film), a 2000 British crime comedy film Snatch...

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"Laura" (Billy Joel song), a song by Billy Joel from the 1982 album The Nylon Curtain "Laura" (Scissor Sisters song), 2003 "Laura" (What's He Got That...

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Spanish guitar

Spanish guitar may refer to: Classical guitar, a six-stringed guitar with nylon strings Flamenco guitar, similar to a classical guitar but is commonly found...

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Karbonite gears

material used in Hitec RC servos that show almost five times the strength of nylon gears and better wear resistance. Cycle times of over 300,000 have been...

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Augustine (disambiguation)

Augustine Agostinho (disambiguation) Agustin, a given name and surname Albert Augustine Ltd., originator of and currently a manufacturer of nylon classical guitar...

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British Numismatic Society, founded in 1903 British Nylon Spinners (1940–1964), a company This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title...

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packages Polyphthalamide, semi-crystalline high-temperature plastic in the Nylon family Power purchase agreement, a contract for the purchase of electrical...

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Welcome to the Party

Anna Vissi from Nylon "Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)", a song by Kid Rock from Devil Without a Cause This disambiguation page lists articles...

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BEANO T-13 grenade

Once thrown, the cap detached from the body of the grenade and a length of nylon string unwound until a secondary arming pin attached to the far end of the...

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applications such as clothing and luggage, D-rings made of plastics such as nylon may be used, as they weigh less and are impervious to rusting. Commonly...

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the album The Odd Couple, 2008 "Surprises", by Billy Joel from the album Nylon Curtain, 1982 Surprise 15, an American sailboat design Surprise 25, a French...

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Airbike may refer to EADS Airbike, nylon bicycle ISON Airbike, ultralight aircraft This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Airbike...

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United States Nylon 12, a nylon polymer Interstitial nephritis, ICD-10 code Nitrogen-12 (N-12 or 12N), an isotope of nitrogen 12N (disambiguation) This disambiguation...

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Bandh (disambiguation)

Indian film Darwaaza Bandh Rakho, a 2006 Indian Bollywood comedy film Bandh Nylon Che, a 2016 Marathi-language family drama film Other Badgaon Bandh, a village...

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death metal band Qiana, silky nylon fabric developed by DuPont and heavily marketed in the 1970s Kianna This disambiguation page lists articles associated...

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Wallace (given name)

(1885–1949), American actor Wallace Carothers (1896–1937), inventor of nylon Wallace Chung (born 1974), Hong Kong singer and actor Wallace de Souza (born...

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Tiger tail

nylon Tiger Tail, the title of the reissue of jazz saxophonist Stanley Turrentine's album Stan "The Man" Turrentine Tiger by the Tail (disambiguation)...

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Super Mailwing, a biplane of the 1920s Polyamide 6, or Nylon 6, a synthetic fibre This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title formed...

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List of iOS and iPadOS devices

Scores iOS Geekbench 5 Scores iOS version history iPad (disambiguation) iPhone (disambiguation) List of iPod models  Telephones portal Tofel, Kevin C....

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Nylon (disambiguation)

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