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Neurasthenia is a term that was first used at least as early as 1829 to label a mechanical weakness of the nerves and would become a major diagnosis in...

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George Miller Beard

January 23, 1883) was an American neurologist who popularized the term neurasthenia, starting around 1869. Beard was born in Montville, Connecticut, on May...

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General paresis of the insane

insane, paralytic dementia Specialty Infectious disease  Symptoms Early: Neurasthenia, personality changes, mood swings, problems with memory, judgment and...

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World War I

returned with severe trauma, suffering from shell shock (also called neurasthenia, a condition related to posttraumatic stress disorder). Many more returned...

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neuroses into the psychasthenias and the hysterias, discarding the term "neurasthenia" since it implied a neurological theory where none existed. Whereas the...

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Da Costa's syndrome

functional cardiovascular disease, neurocirculatory asthenia, primary neurasthenia, subacute asthenia and irritable heart. Symptoms of Da Costa's syndrome...

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amantadine and memantine which is used in Russia in the treatment of neurasthenia. Although the effects of the bromantane have been determined to be dependent...

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Silas Weir Mitchell (physician)

pioneered the rest cure for diseases now termed "psychiatric", particularly neurasthenia and hysteria, subsequently taken up by the medical world. The treatment...

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"muscular rheumatism", "fibrositis", "psychogenic rheumatism", and "neurasthenia" were applied historically to symptoms resembling those of fibromyalgia...

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Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders

DSM, with the core having been translated as 'low spirits'. However, Neurasthenia is a more central diagnosis. Although also found in the ICD, its diagnosis...

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Adam Wakeman

released solo albums Soliloquy, 100 Years Overtime, Real World Trilogy and Neurasthenia. In 2006, he created his own band, Headspace, with Damian Wilson. Wakeman...

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Troppenkoller, also called "tropical neurasthenia", "Tropical madness" or "Tropical lunacy", is the term used to describe a condition that some believed...

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name Anhalonium, and states it can be used in various preparations for neurasthenia, hysteria, and asthma.[citation needed] Peyote also contains the alkaloid...

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John Bowes-Lyon

having experienced a nervous breakdown in 1912 and also suffered from neurasthenia. Late that year, he was posted to the Ministry of Munitions and then...

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Mental disorder

how a person perceives their body, such as body dysmorphic disorder. Neurasthenia is an old diagnosis involving somatic complaints as well as fatigue and...

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Female ejaculation

heading "Congenital Sexual Inversion in Women" as a perversion related to neurasthenia and homosexuality. the intersexual gratification among ...women seems...

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Sigmund Freud

heart irregularities, disturbing dreams and periods of depression, a "neurasthenia" which he linked to the death of his father in 1896 and which prompted...

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Carl Jung

illness" and compared it favorably to Freud's own period of what he called neurasthenia and hysteria. In 1903, Jung married Emma Rauschenbach, seven years his...

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proposed his theory of neurasthenia, a hereditary nervous system deficiency that could predispose an individual to addiction. Neurasthenia was increasingly...

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Adrien Proust

on neurasthenia, titled L'hygiène du neurasthénique (1900). It was later translated into English and published as "The treatment of neurasthenia" (1903)...

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Neurasthenia is a term that was first used at least as early as 1829 to label a mechanical weakness of the nerves and would become a major diagnosis in North America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries after neurologist George Miller Beard reintroduced the concept in 1869. As a psychopathological term, the first to publish on neurasthenia was Michigan alienist E. H. Van Deusen of the Kalamazoo asylum in 1869, followed a few months later by New York neurologist George Beard, also in 1869 to denote a condition with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, headache, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, neuralgia, and depressed mood. Van Deusen associated the condition with farm wives made sick by isolation and a lack of engaging activity, while Beard connected the condition to busy society women and overworked businessmen. Neurasthenia is currently a diagnosis in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (and the Chinese Society of Psychiatry's Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders). However, it is no longer included as a diagnosis in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.Americans were said to be particularly prone to neurasthenia, which resulted in the nickname "Americanitis" (popularized by William James). Another, rarely used, term for neurasthenia is nervosism.

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