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Jon Abrahams

Chapman in the House of Wax (2005). Abrahams was born in New York. He attended Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn. Abrahams' great-uncles were actor Mack Gray...

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Nicole Berger (American actress)

titular character, Clover, in the crime drama of the same name directed by Jon Abrahams and the guardian angel Esmeralda in The Place of No Words. She also starred...

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Clover (2020 film)

Jon Abrahams and starring Mark Webber, Nicole Elizabeth Berger, Ron Perlman, Chazz Palminteri and Abrahams. Mark Webber Nicole Elizabeth Berger Jon Abrahams...

Last Update: 2021-03-19T10:26:22Z Word Count : 271 Synonim Clover (2020 film)

Scary Movie

Ghostface. Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) meets up with her boyfriend Bobby (Jon Abrahams) and her friends, Brenda (Regina Hall), Ray (Shawn Wayans), Greg (Lochlyn...

Last Update: 2021-04-08T08:51:07Z Word Count : 2150 Synonim Scary Movie

The Penthouse (2010 film)

Corey Large, April Scott, James DeBello, Kaley Cuoco, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Jon Abrahams, and Mýa, the film was co-written and directed by Chris Levitus and released...

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Standing Still (film)

including Adam Garcia, Amy Adams, Aaron Stanford, Melissa Sagemiller, Jon Abrahams, Mena Suvari, Colin Hanks and James Van Der Beek. Written by Matthew...

Last Update: 2020-12-04T16:48:24Z Word Count : 715 Synonim Standing Still (film)

All at Once (2016 film)

All at Once is an American drama film, directed by and starring Jon Abrahams. The film, written by Michael Testone, also stars Annie Potts, Erika Christensen...

Last Update: 2021-02-11T21:58:54Z Word Count : 346 Synonim All at Once (2016 film)

Scary Movie (film series)

teenagers (consisting of Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris), Bobby Prinze (Jon Abrahams), Buffy Gilmore (Shannon Elizabeth), Greg Phillipe (Lochlyn Munro), Ray...

Last Update: 2021-05-03T16:20:16Z Word Count : 1359 Synonim Scary Movie (film series)

House of Wax (2005 film)

Murray, Brian Van Holt in a dual role, Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki, Jon Abrahams and Robert Ri'chard. It is a loose remake of the 1953 film of the same...

Last Update: 2021-04-28T18:16:40Z Word Count : 1758 Synonim House of Wax (2005 film)

We Are Your Friends (film)

James Reed Joey Rudman as Joey Jon Bernthal as Paige Morrell Vanessa Lengies as Mel Brittany Furlan as Sara Jon Abrahams as a club promoter Alicia Coppola...

Last Update: 2021-04-02T07:24:11Z Word Count : 2047 Synonim We Are Your Friends (film)

Scenes of the Crime

Dominique Forma and written by Daniel Golka, Amit Mehta, and Forma. It stars Jon Abrahams, Jeff Bridges, Noah Wyle, R. Lee Ermey, Peter Greene, Mädchen Amick,...

Last Update: 2020-11-01T01:40:33Z Word Count : 323 Synonim Scenes of the Crime

Outside Providence (film)

Dunph is no longer just any student at the school when "Drugs" Delaney (Jon Abrahams), writes Dunph with his particular colorful words and addressing the...

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Erika Christensen

Wendell Pierce, and Greg Kinnear. The same year, Christensen starred in Jon Abrahams' directorial debut film Two for One, which had its world premiere at...

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Meet the Parents

younger sister of Pam, Jack and Dina's younger daughter and Bob's fiancée Jon Abrahams as Denny Byrnes, brother of Pam and Jack and Dina's youngest child Owen...

Last Update: 2021-05-06T21:17:06Z Word Count : 7953 Synonim Meet the Parents

Boston Public

McCarthy Loretta Devine Joey Slotnick Rashida Jones Sharon Leal Jeri Ryan Jon Abrahams China Jesushita Shavers Joey McIntyre Natalia Baron Michael Rapaport...

Last Update: 2021-04-30T18:09:02Z Word Count : 566 Synonim Boston Public

Nicholas Gonzalez

premiered at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, and starred Jeff Bridges, Jon Abrahams, and Noah Wyle. It was directed by Dominique Forma. The second film was...

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They (2002 film)

problem. She reunites with a childhood friend, a now grown-up Billy (Jon Abrahams). In the diner, Billy is constantly startled by the flickering lights...

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Not Since You

Nelson Kathleen Robertson as Amy Smith Christian Kane as Ryan Roberts Jon Abrahams as Howard Stieglitz Sunny Mabrey as Victoria Gary Will Estes as Billy...

Last Update: 2021-03-14T04:37:14Z Word Count : 211 Synonim Not Since You

Texas Rangers (film)

Bones Robert Patrick as Sgt. John Armstrong Oded Fehr as Anton Marsale Jon Abrahams as Berry Smith Leonor Varela as Perdita James Coburn as Narrator The...

Last Update: 2021-03-10T02:15:44Z Word Count : 1192 Synonim Texas Rangers (film)

Kids (film)

Rosario Dawson as Ruby Yakira Peguero as Darcy Atabey Rodriguez as Misha Jon Abrahams as Steven Harold Hunter as Harold Sajan Bhagat as Paul Additionally,...

Last Update: 2021-04-08T23:50:25Z Word Count : 2524 Synonim Kids (film)

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Jon Abrahams

Jon Avery Abrahams (born October 29, 1977) is an American actor. His most notable film roles include Bobby in Scary Movie (2000), Denny Byrnes in Meet the Parents (2000), and Dalton Chapman in the House of Wax (2005).

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