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Franklin's lost expedition

Franklin's lost expedition was a failed British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Captain Sir John Franklin that departed England in 1845 aboard two...

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Personnel of Franklin's lost expedition

The British Naval Northwest Passage Expedition, also known as Franklin's lost expedition, was an attempt by the British Royal Navy to discover and chart...

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John Franklin

Van Diemen's Land from 1839 to 1843. During his third and final expedition, an attempt to traverse the Northwest Passage in 1845, Franklin's ships became...

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List of lost expeditions

This is a list of lost expeditions. Williams, Glyn. Arctic Labyrinth: The Quest for the Northwest Passage. London, England: Penguin UK, 2009. ISBN 978-0-14-193258-3...

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List of Arctic expeditions

for Franklin's lost expedition 1849: Henry Kellett discovers Herald Island searching for Franklin's lost expedition 1850: McClure Arctic expedition led...

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James Clark Ross

of three expeditions to find Sir John Franklin. Franklin's second in command was Ross's close friend Francis Crozier. The other expeditions sent to find...

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The Terror (novel)

Franklin's lost expedition, on HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, to the Arctic, in 1845–1848, to locate the Northwest Passage. In the novel, while Franklin and...

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Francis Crozier

more than a hundred descendants of Crozier and other officers of Franklin's lost expedition and those who searched for it, along with the chairman of Banbridge...

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Rae–Richardson Arctic expedition

Rae–Richardson Arctic expedition of 1848 was an early British effort to determine the fate of the lost Franklin Polar Expedition. Led overland by Sir John...

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Alexander McDonald (surgeon)

Scottish physician who served as assistant surgeon of HMS Terror on Franklin's lost expedition. Alexander McDonald was born on 15 September 1817 in Laurencekirk...

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William Braine

during the 1830s. He was assigned to HMS Erebus during Franklin's Lost Expedition. Braine was a part of Sir John Franklin's final expedition to find the...

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Man Proposes, God Disposes

painting by Edwin Landseer. The work was inspired by the search for Franklin's lost expedition which disappeared in the Arctic after 1845. The painting is in...

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Leopold McClintock

confirmed explorer John Rae's controversial report gathered from Inuit sources on the fate of Franklin's lost expedition, the ill-fated Royal Navy undertaking...

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Harry Goodsir

2007 novel The Terror by Dan Simmons, a fictionalized account of Franklin's lost expedition, as well as the 2018 television adaptation, where he is portrayed...

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John Torrington

joined the Franklin expedition and was assigned to HMS Terror as leading stoker. Torrington was a part of Sir John Franklin's final expedition to find the...

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King William Island

Two of Franklin's men were buried at Hall Point on the island's south coast. The ships were believed lost forever, as many subsequent expeditions were unable...

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HMS Erebus (1826)

Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition (2001), by Scott Cookman, offers a journalistic account of Franklin's expedition. Erebus and Terror...

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McClure Arctic expedition

The McClure Arctic expedition of 1850, among numerous British search efforts to determine the fate of the Franklin's lost expedition, is distinguished...

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Owen Beattie

disappearance of the 1719 expedition commanded by Capt. James Knight, which, like Franklin's, ended disastrously, with both ships lost and no survivors, on...

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Naval Museum of Halifax

for Franklin's Lost Expedition: Edward Augustus Inglefield, served in Halifax (1878–79) Francis McClintock, served in Halifax (1879–82) McClintock's flagship...

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Franklin's lost expedition

Franklin's lost expedition was a failed British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Captain Sir John Franklin that departed England in 1845 aboard two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and was assigned to traverse the last unnavigated sections of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic and to record magnetic data to help determine whether a better understanding could aid navigation. The expedition met with disaster after both ships and their crews, a total of 129 officers and men, became icebound in Victoria Strait near King William Island in what is today the Canadian territory of Nunavut. After being icebound for more than a year Erebus and Terror were abandoned in April 1848, by which point Franklin and nearly two dozen others had died. The survivors, now led by Franklin's second-in-command, Francis Crozier, and Erebus's captain, James Fitzjames, set out for the Canadian mainland and disappeared having presumably perished.Pressed by Franklin's wife, Jane, and others, the Admiralty launched a search for the missing expedition in 1848. In the many subsequent searches in the decades afterwards several relics from the expedition were uncovered, including the remains of two men that were returned to Britain. A series of scientific studies in modern times suggested that the men of the expedition did not all die quickly. Hypothermia, starvation, lead poisoning or zinc deficiency, and diseases including scurvy, along with general exposure to a hostile environment while lacking adequate clothing and nutrition, killed everyone on the expedition in the years after it was last sighted by Europeans in 1845. Cut marks on some of the bones recovered during these studies also supported allegations of cannibalism reported by Franklin searcher John Rae in 1854. Despite the expedition’s infamous status, it did explore the vicinity of what was ultimately one of many Northwest Passages to be discovered. Robert McClure led one of many expeditions to investigate the fate of Franklin’s expedition, and finally identified an ice-bound route connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, returning alive. This trip too was beset by immense challenges and controversies. The Northwest Passage was not navigated by boat until 1906, when Roald Amundsen traversed the passage on the Gjøa. In 2014 a Canadian search team led by Parks Canada located the wreck of Erebus in the eastern portion of Queen Maud Gulf. Two years later, the Arctic Research Foundation found the wreck of Terror south of King William Island, in the coincidentally named Terror Bay. Research and dive expeditions are an annual occurrence at the wreck sites, now protected as a combined National Historic Site.

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