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Arthur Freed

Arthur Freed (September 9, 1894 – April 12, 1973) was an American lyricist and Hollywood film producer. He won the Academy Award for Best Picture twice...

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AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs

Oscar Hammerstein II - 6 Ira Gershwin - 4 Irving Berlin - 3 Fred Ebb - 3 Arthur Freed - 3 Stephen Sondheim - 3 Judy Garland (also listed in first place for...

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Gigi (1958 film)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical and the final great achievement of the Freed Unit, headed by producer Arthur Freed. During the Belle Époque at the turn of the 20th century...

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Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain was originally conceived by MGM producer Arthur Freed, the head of the "Freed Unit" responsible for turning out MGM's lavish musicals,...

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Broadway Melody of 1936

Lyrics by Arthur Freed Performed by Harry Stockwell "I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'" (1935) Music by Nacio Herb Brown Lyrics by Arthur Freed Sung by...

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Meet Me in St. Louis

Little Christmas", all of which became hits after the film was released. Arthur Freed, the producer of the film, also wrote and performed one of the songs...

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The Harvey Girls

by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer. The film was a production of the Arthur Freed unit at MGM. In the 1890s a group of "Harvey Girls" – new waitresses...

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Freed may refer to: Alan Freed, American radio personality Arthur Freed, American film producer and lyricist Dan Freed (born 1959), American mathematician...

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Lord Byron of Broadway

Lyrics Arthur Freed Played on piano and sung by Charles Kaley and Benny Rubin "Only Love Is Real" (1930) Music by Nacio Herb Brown Lyrics Arthur Freed Played...

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Going Hollywood

Hollywood" (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed) by Bing Crosby at the railroad station "Our Big Love Scene" (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed) by Bing Crosby "Beautiful...

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40th Academy Awards

and indicated with a double dagger (). Gregory Peck Alfred Hitchcock Arthur Freed was presented for distinguished service to the Academy and the production...

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34th Academy Awards

Anthony Franciosa and Joanne Woodward (Presenters: Best Sound Recording) Arthur Freed (Presenter: Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award to Stanley Kramer) George...

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Annie Get Your Gun (film)

filming of the I Got Rhythm musical number. Six years later, producer Arthur Freed felt Berkeley was the right man to capture the spectacle needed for Annie...

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Temptation (Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed song)

published in 1933, with music written by Nacio Herb Brown and lyrics by Arthur Freed. The song was introduced by Bing Crosby in the 1933 film Going Hollywood...

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Royal Wedding

previous film, Summer Stock. Instead of listening to Walters' objection, Arthur Freed brought in Donen as director; Garland, who during rehearsal worked only...

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On the Town (film)

and features Jules Munshin and Vera-Ellen. It was a product of the Arthur Freed unit at MGM, and is notable for its combination of studio and location...

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Till the Clouds Roll By

1945. During the six months that it took to shoot the film, producer Arthur Freed had to come up with one director after another. Lemuel Ayers, a set designer...

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Paul Newman

(née Fetzer, Fetzko, or Fetsko; Slovak: Terézia Fecková; 1894–1982) and Arthur Sigmund Newman Sr. (1893–1950), who ran a sporting goods store. His father...

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Brigadoon (film)

Schary's thriftiness), forced them to change course. Kelly and producer Arthur Freed traveled to Scotland to confirm for themselves if the weather was too...

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Gene Kelly

Gal performed very well, and in the face of much internal resistance, Arthur Freed of MGM picked up the other half of Kelly's contract. After appearing...

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Arthur Freed

Arthur Freed (September 9, 1894 – April 12, 1973) was an American lyricist and Hollywood film producer. He won the Academy Award for Best Picture twice, in 1951 for An American in Paris and in 1958 for Gigi. Both films were musicals. In addition, he produced and was also a co-lyricist for the film Singin' in the Rain.

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