Yamaha WaveBlaster

Yamaha WaveBlaster
ManufacturerYamaha Motor
Last production year1996(US)-1998(AUS,SA)

The WaveBlaster is a personal water craft (PWC) made by Yamaha Motor Corporation. Part of their WaveRunner line of watercraft, the Yamaha WaveBlaster 700 (Marine Jet 700TZ) made its debut in 1993. Although technically a runabout style PWC the blaster is more closely related to the SuperJet.[1]

Yamaha's design philosophy for the Blaster was simplicity over comfort. Just handle bars with a trigger throttle and a motorcycle style seat made this a performance craft, that let riders enjoy sharply banked turns, tail stands and other acrobatic maneuvers. The performance character and lean in style turning is primarily due to the soft chines but are further enhanced by concave sections near the bow and Strakes along the hull. The claimed top speed was 44-45 mph. With its powerful engine, semi flat-bottomed hull, and chrome-alloy piston rings, this is a model that still has many devoted fans today. The drawbacks to the design is its high center of gravity making it difficult to ride at idle speeds, difficulty at boarding in deep water and somewhat athletic skills required.

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