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Sock monkey

A homemade sock monkey wearing a fez and scarf

A sock monkey is a stuffed toy made from socks fashioned in the likeness of a monkey. These stuffed animals are a mixture of folk art and kitsch in the cultures of the United States[1] and Canada. The typical sock monkey is brown and white with extra long limbs, a long tail and bright red lips. The animal may be adorned with additional ornamentation on its head or around its neck. The character has become part of popular culture and can be found in comic books and art.

  1. ^ Boschma, Janie (2007-11-05). "History of the sock monkey – Stuffed animal created during the Great Depression". The Spectator. University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. Archived from the original on 2009-12-18. sock monkeys have been part of American culture for nearly 100 years