Seeley Booth

Seeley Booth
Bones character
First appearanceSeptember 13, 2005
(1x01, "Pilot")
Last appearanceMarch 28, 2017
(12x12, "The End in the End")
Created byHart Hanson
Portrayed byDavid Boreanaz
In-universe information
Full nameSeeley Joseph Booth
AliasBuck Moosejaw

Tony Scallion
Bobby Kent
Cee-Lo Booth

Freddy K
NicknameSeeley (by his family, friends and others)

Booth (by Temperance "Bones" Brennan and others)
Shrimp (by Pops)
Sergeant, Sarge (by men in his unit)
(by Angela)
Cherie (by Caroline)
Big man (by Cam Saroyan)
Mr.B (his coma dream)

Corporal (200th)
OccupationFBI Supervisory Special Agent

FBI Liaison to Jeffersonian Institute
FBI Academy instructor (former)
Sergeant Major, US Army(formerly)
Prison inmate (briefly)
Club owner (his coma dream)

Thief (The 200th in the 10th)
AffiliationFBI Headquarters

FBI Washington DC Field office
Homicide Division
Major Crimes Unit
Jeffersonian Institute Nightclub "Lab" (his coma dream) FBI Academy (former)
101th Airborn Division (former)
75th Ranger Regiment (former)
U.S. Army Special Forces (former)
U. S. Army Rangers (former)

U. S. Army (former)
FamilyGrandfather: Hank Booth
Mother: Marianne Booth
Father: Edwin Booth (deceased)
Brother: Jared Booth (deceased)
SpouseTemperance Brennan
Significant otherRebecca Stinson
Camille Saroyan
Tessa Jankow
Hannah Burley
ChildrenParker Booth
(son, with Rebecca)
Christine Booth
(daughter, with Temperance)
Hank Booth Jr.
(son, with Temperance)
RelativesFather-in-law: Max Keenan/Matthew Brennan (deceased)
Mother-in-law: Christine Brennan/Ruth Keenan (deceased)
Brother-in-law: Russ Brennan
Sister-in-law: Padme Dalaj
Ancestor: John Wilkes Booth
ReligionRoman Catholicism[1]

Seeley Joseph Booth[2] is a fictional character in the US television series Bones (2005–2017), portrayed by David Boreanaz. Agent Booth is a co-protagonist of the series with Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), whom he affectionately refers to as "Bones". The character made an appearance in the Sleepy Hollow episode "Dead Men Tell No Tales" as part of a two-part Halloween cross-over with Bones.

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