Pillow People

Pillow People
PillowPeople MrSandman(small).jpg
Mr. Sandman character
TypeStuffed toys
CompanySprings Industries, PCE Marketing
CountryUnited States

Pillow People are rectangular stuffed toys (pillows) with decal faces and stuffed hands & feet attached to their bodies. The line was started in 1986 by Penny Ekstein-Lieberman and was produced by Spring Industries (and later PCE Marketing).[1][2][3] The toys were popular during the late 1980s and generated $120 million in sales during the 80's and 90's.[4] The line featured an array of different characters such as animals and people. Besides the 'people' of the line, there are also pillow pets—such as cats and dogs. Additional merchandise included bed sheets imprinted with Pillow People characters, figurines and books. There was also a Christmas TV special made as well.[4]

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