Nights into Dreams

NiGHTS into dreams...
European cover art
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Director(s)Naoto Ohshima
Producer(s)Yuji Naka
Designer(s)Takashi Iizuka
Programmer(s)Yuji Naka
  • Naofumi Hataya
  • Tomoko Sasaki
  • Fumie Kumatani
SeriesNiGHTS Edit this on Wikidata
5 July 1996
  • Sega Saturn
    • JP: 5 July 1996
    • NA: 20 August 1996
    • EU: 7 October 1996
    PlayStation 2
    • JP: 21 February 2008
    Microsoft Windows
    • WW: 2 October 2012
    PlayStation 3
    • NA: 2 October 2012
    • EU: 3 October 2012
    • JP: 4 October 2012
    Xbox 360
    • WW: 5 October 2012
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Nights into Dreams[a] is a 1996 action game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Sega Saturn. It is the second game made by Sonic Team which is not a Sonic game after Ristar. The story follows teenagers Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair, who enter Nightopia, a dream world where all dreams take place. With the help of Nights, an exiled "Nightmaren", they begin a journey to stop the evil ruler Wizeman from destroying Nightopia and consequently the real world. Players control Nights flying through Elliot and Claris's dreams to gather enough energy to defeat Wizeman and save Nightopia. The game is presented in 3D and imposes time limits on every level, in which the player must accumulate points to proceed.

Development began after the release of Sonic & Knuckles in 1994, although the concept originated in 1992, during the development of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Development was led by Sonic Team veterans Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Takashi Iizuka. Naka began the project with the main idea revolving around flight, and Ohshima designed the character Nights to resemble an angel that could fly like a bird. Ohshima designed Nights as an androgynous character. The team conducted research on dreaming and REM sleep, and was influenced by the works and theories of psychoanalysts Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. An analogue controller, the Saturn 3D controller, was designed alongside the game and included with some retail copies.

Nights into Dreams received acclaim for its graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, and atmosphere. It has appeared on several lists of the greatest games of all time. An abbreviated Christmas-themed version, Christmas Nights, was released in December 1996. The game was ported to the PlayStation 2 in 2008 in Japan and a high-definition version was released worldwide for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows in 2012. A sequel, Nights: Journey of Dreams, was released for the Wii in 2007.
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