Lucas 14CUX

Lucas 14CUX
Main printed circuit board of the Lucas 14CUX
ManufacturerLucas Industries
TypeElectronic automobile engine management
Release date1990
PredecessorLucas 13CU / 14CU
SuccessorLucas/SAGEM GEMS 8
Bosch Motronic ML2.1

The Lucas 14CUX (sometimes referred to as the Rover 14CUX) is an automotive electronic fuel injection system developed by Lucas Industries and fitted to the Rover V8 engine in Land Rover vehicles between 1990 and 1995.[1] The system was also paired with the Rover V8 by a number of low-volume manufacturers such as TVR, Marcos, Ginetta, and Morgan.

The system is also sometimes referred to as the "Rover Hot-Wire" or "Hitachi Hot-Wire", in reference to the style of airflow sensor it uses (and the sensor's manufacturer, Hitachi).[2]

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