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Ford C2 platform

Ford C2 platform
2020 Ford Escape SEL, front 7.11.20.jpg
2020 Ford Escape, vehicle on the C2 platform
AssemblyUnited States: Louisville Assembly Plant, Louisville, Kentucky
Mexico: Hermosillo, Sonora (Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly)
China: Chongqing (Changan Ford)
Germany: Saarlouis
Taiwan: Taoyuan
Body and chassis
RelatedFord Global Electrified 1 platform
PredecessorFord C1 platform

The Ford C2 platform is a platform made by Ford since 2018. It replaced the Ford C1 platform as the platform for its compact cars.[1] The modularity of the platform enables it to be used for various models, which spreads out development costs over more vehicles.[2] It can use torsion beam or multilink rear suspension. Unlike its predecessor, the C2 platform can be used for cars of varying wheelbases and track widths, from subcompact to compact.[3] Cars based on the C2 platform have been reviewed very favourably with regards to driving characteristics.[4][5]

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