Footprints in the Sand (Edgel Groves song)

"Footprints in the Sand"
Footprints in the Sand (Edgel Groves song).jpg
Single by Edgel Groves
A-side"Footprints in the Sand"
  • instrumental version
  • narrated by Johnny Dark
LabelSilver Star Records
Songwriter(s)Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia

"Footprints in the Sand" is a 1980 song by Edgel Groves based on the anonymous poem Footprints in the Sand. The song, which became a one hit wonder for Groves, was written by Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia of Buckner & Garcia.[1] The song begins with female chorus "Footprints in the sand, he held me in his hand, and gave me strength to face the coming day,...", then enters into Groves' reading of the poem "Last night I had a dream..." The B-side is an instrumental version of the song with narration of the poem by disc jockey Johnny Dark.[2]

The song has no relation to a 1961 song "Footprints In The Sand" written by Gwynn Elias & Irving Reid which was recorded by Garry Mills, which begins "I was to meet my baby", and then by The Marcels with the refrain "I saw those footprints in the sand, of a woman and a man.".

  1. ^ Wayne Jancik -The Billboard book of one-hit wonders 1998 -- Page 411 "... responsible for Steve Carlisle's TV theme "WKRP in Cincinnati" and Edgel Groves's C & W charter "Footprints in the Sand" (#42, 1981)."
  2. ^ Billboard - 1 Aug 1981 Dark says his decision to launch the recording project was due lo the encouragement he received from fans who has heard him narrate "Footprints In The Sand" over the B side (instrumented track) of Edgel Groves' record on Silver Star.