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Zeta potential

Zeta potential is the electrical potential at the slipping plane. This plane is the interface which separates mobile fluid from fluid that remains attached...

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Zeta potential titration

Zeta potential titration is a titration of heterogeneous systems, for example colloids and emulsions. Solids in such systems have very high surface area...

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metal ions in solution. Zeta potential titrations are titrations in which the completion is monitored by the zeta potential, rather than by an indicator...

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Sour cream

function. This equation is used to find the zeta potential, which is calculated to find the electrokinetic potential in colloidal dispersions. Through electrostatic...

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas CBE (/ˈziːtə/; born 25 September 1969) is a Welsh actress. Born and raised in Swansea, Zeta-Jones aspired to be an actress...

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Streaming current

well-defined geometries are a sensitive method to characterize the zeta potential of surfaces, which is important in the fields of colloid and interface...

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Zeta (disambiguation)

Zeta is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. Zeta or ZETA may also refer to: GM Zeta platform, a full-size car series Zeta (automobile), an Australian...

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Sedimentation potential

measuring the potential. This difference in potential through rotation by 180 degrees is twice the sedimentation potential. The zeta potential can be determined...

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Red blood cell

membranes of the cell. The normal zeta potential of the red blood cell is −15.7 millivolts (mV). Much of this potential appears to be contributed by the...

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metal ions in complexometric titrations Zeta potential, a property of interfaces in fluids for Zeta potential titration Humidity indicator card, a card...

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can manifest in significant alteration to the zeta potential. When the magnitude of the zeta potential lies below a certain threshold, typically around...

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Zeta (UK: /ˈziːtə/, US: /ˈzeɪtə/; uppercase Ζ, lowercase ζ; Ancient Greek: ζῆτα, Demotic Greek: ζήτα, classical [d͡zɛ̌:ta] or [zdɛ̌:ta] zē̂ta; Modern...

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Suspension (chemistry)

of two or more liquids that are generally immiscible Zeta potential – Electrokinetic potential in colloidal dispersions Turbidity – The cloudiness of...

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Orange juice

juice. The suspension is unstable when the zeta potential is less than 25 mv in magnitude. Zeta potential is a measure of the magnitude of electrostatic...

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viscosity of the dispersion medium (Pa s), and ζ is zeta potential (i.e., the electrokinetic potential of the slipping plane in the double layer, units mV...

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electrostatic repulsion is most commonly studied in terms of zeta potential. Colloid Suspension Zeta potential Dispersion Y. Li, T. J. White; Lim, S. H.; Lim, S...

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Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

resisting sedimentation, namely the negative charge of the erythrocytes (zeta potential). When an inflammatory process is present, the high proportion of fibrinogen...

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Coombs test

negative charge called zeta potential which causes them to have a natural repulsion for one another. Potentiators reduce the zeta potential of RBC membranes...

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Double layer (surface science)

Electric potential at this plane is called electrokinetic potential or zeta potential (also denoted as ζ-potential). The electric potential on the external...

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Isoelectric point

the surface. Electrokinetic phenomena generally measure zeta potential, and a zero zeta potential is interpreted as the point of zero net charge at the...

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Zeta potential

Zeta potential is the electrical potential at the slipping plane. This plane is the interface which separates mobile fluid from fluid that remains attached to the surface. Zeta potential is a scientific term for electrokinetic potential in colloidal dispersions. In the colloidal chemistry literature, it is usually denoted using the Greek letter zeta (ζ), hence ζ-potential. The usual units are volts (V) or millivolts (mV). From a theoretical viewpoint, the zeta potential is the electric potential in the interfacial double layer (DL) at the location of the slipping plane relative to a point in the bulk fluid away from the interface. In other words, zeta potential is the potential difference between the dispersion medium and the stationary layer of fluid attached to the dispersed particle. The zeta potential is caused by the net electrical charge contained within the region bounded by the slipping plane, and also depends on the location of that plane. Thus, it is widely used for quantification of the magnitude of the charge. However, zeta potential is not equal to the Stern potential or electric surface potential in the double layer, because these are defined at different locations. Such assumptions of equality should be applied with caution. Nevertheless, zeta potential is often the only available path for characterization of double-layer properties. The zeta potential is a key indicator of the stability of colloidal dispersions. The magnitude of the zeta potential indicates the degree of electrostatic repulsion between adjacent, similarly charged particles in a dispersion. For molecules and particles that are small enough, a high zeta potential will confer stability, i.e., the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation. When the potential is small, attractive forces may exceed this repulsion and the dispersion may break and flocculate. So, colloids with high zeta potential (negative or positive) are electrically stabilized while colloids with low zeta potentials tend to coagulate or flocculate as outlined in the table.

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