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Eternity (Kamelot album)

later on Eternity and their second album, Dominion. Music by Thomas Youngblood, lyrics by Richard Warner "Eternity" – 5:41 "Black Tower" – 4:06 "Call of...

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Get Together (Youngbloods song)

song by American rock band The Youngbloods, originally included in their 1967 self-titled debut album The Youngbloods. It was written in the mid-1960s...

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5 Seconds of Summer

Good in 2015, topping the charts in 8 countries. The band's third album Youngblood, released in 2018, was a commercial success and became their third number...

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I'd Rather Go Blind

America/German singer Sydney Youngblood's third single release, peaking at number 44 on the UK Singles Chart. It was Youngblood's only US pop chart appearance...

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Monkey Wrench (song)

and the Shape. The lyrics chronicle the 1997 disintegration of singer/songwriter Dave Grohl's four-year marriage to Jennifer Youngblood. The song peaked...

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Carl Wilson

to launch a solo career, releasing the albums Carl Wilson (1981) and Youngblood (1983). In the 1990s, he recorded material with Gerry Beckley and Robert...

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Foo Fighters (album)

being "Big Me", an "out-and-out love song" to Grohl's then-wife Jennifer Youngblood that he described as his favorite track on the album. Contrasting with...

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She Caught the Katy

Wet Willie – Live performance Widespread Panic – Live performance The Youngbloods – High on a Ridge Top List of train songs Ratliff, Ben (20 April 1997)...

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Youngbloods (The Amity Affliction song)

"Youngbloods" was covered by Australian rapper Illy, featuring Ahren Stringer with additional lyrics added by Illy and Mark Landon. "Youngbloods" was...

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We Come Running

"We Come Running" is the debut single by American indie pop band Youngblood Hawke. The song was written by Samuel Martin, Simon Katz, and Matt Squire,...

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Patrick Swayze

Dawn, along with Jennifer Grey. In 1986, Lowe and Swayze reunited in Youngblood. Swayze's first major dramatic success was in the 1985 television miniseries...

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Got a Dream" and their 1972 single, "One More Chance". In 1972, The Youngbloods released a version of the song as the B-side to their single, "Light...

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Rockin' All Over the World

(outro of "Si tú te vas" song). Carl Wilson recorded it on his 1983 album Youngblood, and The Beach Boys themselves added the song to their live act in the...

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"Astronaut" (2002) "Broad Factor" (2004) "Bus Ride" (2005) "The Front / Youngblood" (2005) "Bullysh!t/Seasons Change" (2005) Hua Hsu (25 January 2021). "The...

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Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)

Snow – drums Dawn Watley – keyboards and vocals Ali Youngblood – keyboards and vocals Reggie Youngblood – guitar and vocals "Official Singles Chart for the...

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Calum Hood

worldwide success: 5 Seconds of Summer (2014), Sounds Good Feels Good (2015), Youngblood (2018), and Calm (2020). Apart from the band, Hood has co-written songs...

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Over It (Katharine McPhee song)

Backing vocals were provided by Cunningham, Denaine Jones, and Sharon Youngblood. "Over It" was recorded by Russell, Alexander, and Ariel Chobaz, with...

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Let the Good Times Roll (Shirley and Lee song)

100.(1967) Harry Nilsson on the album Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) The Youngbloods on the album Good and Dusty (1971) English rock band Slade's third album...

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Running Bear

edition. Record Research. p. 172. The Youngbloods, "Running Bear" single release Retrieved May 18, 2015 The Youngbloods, High on a Ridge Top Retrieved May...

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Dune (novel)

influenced Thirty Seconds to Mars on their self-titled debut album. The Youngblood Brass Band's song "Is an Elegy" on Center:Level:Roar references "Muad'Dib"...

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Eternity (Kamelot album)

Eternity is the debut full-length studio album released by the American power metal band Kamelot in July 1995. In 1991, the band recorded a set of demos featuring songs that would eventually be re-recorded a few years later on Eternity and their second album, Dominion.

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