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Wood-burning stove

A wood-burning stove (or wood burner or log burner in the UK) is a heating appliance capable of burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel, such as...

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food. There are many types of stoves, such as the kitchen stove, the wood-burning stove or the coal stove. Each type of stove varies in efficiency of heat...

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Cook stove

A biomass cook stove is heated by burning wood, charcoal, animal dung or crop residue. Cook stoves are commonly used for cooking and heating food in rural...

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Pellet stove

A pellet stove is a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. By...

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Portable stove

such as wood and dry weeds, to cook a meal, and with this less air pollution. The single AA battery operated, fan-driven Sierra "Zip" stove burns small...

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Sigri (stove)

A Sigri is a stove used for cooking, especially in North India. The fuel used is usually coal, dried cow dung and wood, therefore it is principally used...

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Gas stove

of gas, cooking stoves relied on solid fuels such as coal or wood. The first gas stoves were developed in the 1820s and a gas stove factory was established...

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interested in portable stoves that combined local sources of wood with battery-powered fans. The idea evolved to a low-emissions stove that used a thermoelectric...

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Wood Stove Reviews. Retrieved 2020-03-10. "Three Reasons You Need a Wood Stove Fan" Field and Stream. Retrieved 2020-03-11. "The Caframo Ecofan: Your One-Stop...

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changes over time from wood, iron, coal, gas, and even electric. Each design had its own motivation and purpose. The wood-burning stoves saw improvement through...

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Pellet grill

pellet-burning stoves. Although the stoves looked like traditional wood stoves, they worked much differently. Run by electricity, the pellet stoves utilized...

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Kitchen hood

exhaust hood, or range hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. It removes airborne grease, combustion...

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Alexis Belonio

used good engineering and ample ventilation for his stove, which is characterized by a small fan that is powered either by grid electricity or batteries...

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Pellet baskets

woodstove or fireplace and holds wood pellets. Pellet baskets allow a person to heat their home using existing stoves or fireplaces; thus eliminating the...

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Top-lit updraft gasifier

further from a rocket stove in its more efficient way of smoke-free, highly efficient combustion of the fuel. A TLUD gasifier stove is commonly constructed...

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Hand fan

handheld fan, or simply hand fan, may be any broad, flat surface that is waved back-and-forth to create an airflow. Generally, purpose-made handheld fans are...

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Fan (machine)

A fan blade is generally made of wood, plastic, or metal. Fans have several applications in the industries. Some fans directly cool the machine and process...

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Pellet fuel

stoves, pellet stove inserts and pellet boilers. Pellet stoves "look like traditional wood stoves but operate more like a modern furnace. [Fuel, wood...

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used for cooking, especially by the poor, and kerosene stoves have replaced traditional wood-based cooking appliances. As such, increase in the price...

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Fireplace insert

120-volt wall plug and are placed within an existing fireplace. Stove Wood burning stove Joab R. Donaldson (1896) "Fireplace" U.S. Patent 000,561,871...

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Wood-burning stove

A wood-burning stove (or wood burner or log burner in the UK) is a heating appliance capable of burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel, such as sawdust bricks. Generally the appliance consists of a solid metal (usually cast iron or steel) closed firebox, often lined by fire brick, and one or more air controls (which can be manually or automatically operated depending upon the stove). The first wood-burning stove was patented in Strasbourg in 1557, two centuries before the Industrial Revolution, which would make iron an inexpensive and common material, so such stoves were high end consumer items and only gradually spread in use.The stove is connected by ventilating stove pipe to a suitable flue, which will fill with hot combustion gases once the fuel is ignited. The chimney or flue gases must be hotter than the outside temperature to ensure combustion gases are drawn out of the fire chamber and up the chimney.

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