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Cass Ole

Cass Ole (March 6, 1969 - June 29, 1993) was a Texan-bred Arabian stallion. Originally bred to be a show horse, he was National Champion in Arabian Western...

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White Horse Ranch (Naper, Nebraska)

The White Horse Ranch, in Boyd County, Nebraska near Naper, Nebraska was founded in 1936. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in...

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The Phantom Stallion

bond with a wild horse called The Phantom Stallion. Having spent two years away from her family's Nevada ranch to recover from a riding accident, Sam returns...

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Historic Hotels of America

Guest Ranch Resort (1929), Tucson, Arizona The Hotel Congress (1919), Tucson, Arizona. Where John Dillinger was captured. White Stallion Ranch (1900)...

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Camarillo White Horse

Californios, purchased a 9-year-old stallion named Sultan at the California State Fair in Sacramento. The California White horse was owned and bred by the...

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Adolfo Camarillo

President Gerald Ford). As of 2010 there are only 20 Camarillo White Horses: three stallions, five mares, three geldings, two colts, and seven foals. Camarillo...

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Poco Bueno

of the Waggoner Ranch near Vernon, Texas in 1945 for $5,700. His show career started when he was named champion yearling stallion at the Texas Cowboy...

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Camarillo Ranch House

provides tours and holds events. The Camarillo Ranch is known for the white Arabian parade stallions bred by Adolfo that he rode in the annual Fiesta...

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Hidden Valley, Ventura County, California

horse ranch in the valley. Andrew Lee is an American entrepreneur, software developer and writer. Britney Spears owns a villa at the White Stallion Estates...

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Horseland (TV series)

Palomino stallion with black highlights in his mane. Similar to Will, he has a commanding presence among the others at Horseland, and worked as a ranch horse...

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Fury (TV series)

Fury (retitled Brave Stallion in syndicated reruns) is an American western television series that aired on NBC from 1955 to 1960. It stars Peter Graves...

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Thunderhead, Son of Flicka

rather than Rob's own stallion, Banner. Ken's mother, Nell (Rita Johnson), names the colt Thunderhead after the billowing white clouds she sees overhead...

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King of the Wild Stallions

the Wild Stallions is a 1959 American CinemaScope Western film directed by R.G. Springsteen and starring George Montgomery. A wild stallion provides unexpected...

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Smart Little Lena

which sold for as much as $75,000. As a breeding stallion, Smart Little Lena spent his life at Manion Ranch in Pilot Point, TX under the supervision of Quarter...

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Pepe (film)

(Cantinflas) is a hired hand, employed on a ranch. A boozing Hollywood director, Mr. Holt, buys a white stallion that belongs to Pepe's boss. Pepe, determined...

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Ray "Crash" Corrigan

(1937) – Tucson Smith Gunsmoke Ranch (1937) – Tucson Smith Come on, Cowboys (1937) – Tucson Smith The Painted Stallion (1937) – Clark Stuart Range Defenders...

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American Quarter Horse

the pedigrees of their ranch horses. After winning the 1941 Fort Worth Exposition and Fat Stock Show grand champion stallion, the horse honored with...

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Belle Reve Farm

Rivers ranch, and "all horse semen". The farm breeds American Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses, which are exhibited in horse shows. The stallion roster...

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Jeju horse

than the others. Pimari(피마리): It has a white spot on its nose. Hwaldeungi(활등이): It has a deep-set back. A stallion reaches suitable breeding age by roughly...

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Coyote Trails

their trails featured in the film. A ranch is having their horses disappear with it believed that a wild white stallion called "The Phantom" is luring them...

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Cass Ole

Cass Ole (March 6, 1969 - June 29, 1993) was a Texan-bred Arabian stallion. Originally bred to be a show horse, he was National Champion in Arabian Western Pleasure in 1975, National Reserve Champion Arabian Ladies Side Saddle in 1976, and U.S. Top Ten Arabian English Pleasure in both 1975 and 1976. He won over 50 championships and over 20 Reserve Championships in his seven-year show career and was high point winner of the King Saud Trophy of the American Horse Show Association (now United States Equestrian Federation). He is best known for his role as The Black in the films The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion Returns, in which he is credited as Cass-Olé.

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