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KVM switch

selling "KVMP" switch devices (standing for keyboard, video, mouse and peripheral). With the popularity of USBUSB keyboards, mice, and I/O devices are still...

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USB 3.0

USB 3.0 is the third major version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard for interfacing computers and electronic devices. Among other improvements...

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USB hub

A USB hub is a device that expands a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to...

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over the USB HID protocol. The YubiKey NEO and YubiKey 4 include protocols such as OpenPGP card using 1024, 2048, 3072 and 4096-bit RSA (for key sizes...

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distribution, community-based, suitable for use on older hardware and as a Live CD or Live USB. SliTaz stands for "Simple, Light, Incredible, Temporary...

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Universal remote

computer to be connected. The connection is typically done via USB from the computer to mini-USB on the remote or the remotes base station. In 2000, a group...

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Music of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

2012-07-02. 攻殻機動隊 STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society O.S.T (in Japanese). Retrieved 2012-07-02. 攻殻機動隊STAND ALONE COMPLEX CD-BOX【初回完全限定生産盤USBフラッシュメモリ付】 (in...

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Serial ATA

signal-levels. eSATAp stands for powered eSATA. It is also known as Power over eSATA, Power eSATA, eSATA/USB Combo, or eSATA USB Hybrid Port (EUHP). An...

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List of Logitech products

(2007) -- X-shaped notebook Stand with four port USB hub built-in. Logitech Alto Express (2007) -- Clear plastic notebook stand. Kinetik 15.4 Backpack (2007)...

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Lenovo Yoga

uses a 30 watt-hour battery which can stand until 5 hours. For connectivity, it has one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, one full-sized HDMI port. This...

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"HDMI :: Manufacturer :: HDMI Alt Mode for USB Type-C Connector". www.hdmi.org. Retrieved September 18, 2016. "Does length matter?". Sound & Vision. February...

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AVR microcontrollers

acronym and does not stand for anything in particular. The creators of the AVR give no definitive answer as to what the term "AVR" stands for. However,...

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List of Sony Ericsson products

charging) CST-80 700mA USB-A charger CMT-60 Micro travel charger (charge phone with AC-plug or 2xAA batteries [powerbank-like] - does not charge AA-batteries)...

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List of Xbox 360 accessories

two at the front and three at the rear), or to a USB hub. USB keyboards are also supported, but only for inputting text and navigating the dashboard; additionally...

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MyFord Touch

4G Overdrive – does not work via USB, although it can access the Wifi network created by the Overdrive. Verizon PANTech UM175VW – does not work. ATT USBConnect...

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PlayStation 2

horizontal and vertical stands, PlayStation or PS2 memory cards, the multitap for PlayStation or PS2, a USB motion camera (EyeToy), a USB keyboard and mouse...

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Samsung Galaxy S7

respectively and support for AirFuel Inductive (formerly PMA) and Qi wireless charging standards; however, the S7 does use MicroUSB charging. For wired charging...

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Android software development

The format for issuing commands is typically: adb [-d|-e|-s <serialNumber>] <command> where -d is the option for specifying the single USB-attached device...

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Sad Satan

stand in one place and do not move or interact with the player at all. In the final video posted by Obscure Horror Corner, one of these children does...

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Nintendo Switch

grip that ships with the Switch does not offer charging capabilities, a separate premium Joy-Con grip includes a USB-C connector port that can be used...

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KVM switch

A KVM switch (with KVM being an abbreviation for "keyboard, video and mouse") is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice.

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