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Spicy chicken sandwich

A spicy chicken sandwich is a sandwich made of a boneless white breast of chicken whose breading is seasoned with a spicy blend of peppers and spices...

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Originally, Wendy's had only two kinds of chicken sandwiches, fried and grilled. The spicy chicken sandwich started out as a promotional sandwich. It was...

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List of Burger King products

food chain to introduce a grilled chicken sandwich to the marketplace, beating rivals Wendy's by six months and McDonald's by four years. These two chains...

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The new sandwich went viral immediately and prompted responses from nearly every fast food chain including McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, and Wendy's. Popeyes...

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and Roast Chicken Caesar. With the exception of the Chicken Caesar, all Market Fresh Sandwiches came with the standard toppings of spicy brown honey...

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The Baconator sandwich is a cheeseburger sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Wendy's. The Baconator was introduced in April 2007 as part...

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Bacon roll

Triple (three patties). At various times Wendy's has offered special limited-time only Baconators such as the Spicy Baconator, which added pepper jack cheese...

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BK Chicken Fries

such as variations on the McDouble from McDonald's and sandwiches based on pretzel-style buns from Wendy's. The third reason the product was brought back...

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including spicy "Hot Wings" (launched in 1990), popcorn chicken (1992) and, internationally, the "Zinger", a spicy chicken fillet sandwich (1993). By...

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McDonald's Quarter Pounder, Big N' Tasty and McLean Deluxe Wendy's Big Classic Carl's Jr.'s Six Dollar Burger Hardee's Monster Thickburger List of sandwiches Smith...

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Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich (now known as Jack's Spicy Chicken), with the girls dancing in "the Jack groove." The Spicy Crispy Girls concept...

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History of KFC

outside the US, the "Zinger", a spicy chicken fillet burger (1993). In 1993, rotisserie style chicken, under the name "Colonel's Rotisserie Gold", was introduced...

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and saus (spicy sauce). It is of Cape Malay origin. Sosatie recipes vary, but commonly the ingredients can include cubes of lamb, beef, chicken, dried apricots...

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with chicken, and adds spiciness with the addition of hot sambal. Another source mentioned that sate Taichan was devised from a Japanese man's specific...

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Burger King products

replaced in North America with the current grilled chicken iteration, the TenderGrill sandwich. Although Wendy's was the first to have a value menu in 1989,...

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List of hamburgers

"Where's The Beef?". New York: 99. Retrieved 25 November 2011. http://www.gallopinghotdogs.com/burger-hot-dogs-cheesesteaks-chicken-sandwiches/ https://www...

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Dollar Cravings

to the new McDonald's and Wendy's value/dollar menus. The current menu contains 13 food items. Dollar Cravings replaced Taco Bell's previous value menu...

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Burger King

Introduction of the Texas Double Whopper Sandwich, Extreme Spicy TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich, Shake 'Em Up Spicy Fries" (Press release). Burger King Corporation...

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Shoulder angel

ago been won by his bad angel. In a Wendy's commercial selling the spicy chicken sandwich, founder Dave Thomas's shoulder angel and devil are him dressed...

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KFC advertising

bring crunchy, spicy satisfaction to a hungry universe, only to face a "thieving varmint" who steals his space-bound Zinger chicken sandwiches that he and...

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Spicy chicken sandwich

A spicy chicken sandwich is a sandwich made of a boneless white breast of chicken whose breading is seasoned with a spicy blend of peppers and spices. Common seasonings include garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, smoked paprika, cayenne, salt, cracked pepper, jalapeno juice, and crushed red pepper flakes, which are stirred into the bread crumbs. The chicken can be brined if desired and then dipped in hot sauce and/or buttermilk and egg, breaded with the flour, cornstarch, bread crumbs, spices, etc.; and then either baked, pressure cooked, or fried in such oils as peanut oil or canola oil. A smoky, chili pepper sauce or sriracha mayo or a spread with such ingredients as mayonnaise, Dijon sauce, lemon juice, celery seeds, pickle juice, hot sauce, and freshly ground black pepper, may be used. Commonly the chicken sandwich is served on a kaiser roll with such toppings as mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, shredded cabbage, bread and butter pickle slices, coleslaw, or Monterey Jack cheese. Spicy chicken sandwiches have been offered by many American fast food restaurant chains, including Roy Rogers, Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, and Popeyes.

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