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Franchesca Ramsey

Ramsey's 2018 book Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist is a collection of essays that describes her unintended...

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David Dunn (musician)

Mr. & Mrs. Dunn 💛"". Instagram. "David Dunn on Instagram: "Well...that escalated quickly. 👶🏼😅"". Instagram. "David Dunn". www.facebook.com. "David...

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Conflict escalation

more abstract form, and additionally maintained that military strategy was about minimizing escalation, and diplomacy about eliminating it. The United...

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Horizontal escalation

intervention as well as the geographical widening of combat operations. Horizontal escalation is a direct contrast to vertical escalation which employs...

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King Von

The dispute quickly escalated into gunfire. He was subsequently transported to a hospital in critical condition and died there later that day; he was...

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Donald Trump

weapons were increasingly seen as a serious threat, Trump escalated his rhetoric, warning that North Korean aggression would be met with "fire and fury...

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List of supporting Harry Potter characters

quickly spreads the news by screaming, "Murder! Murder in the bathroom!" Rowling revealed on her website that Myrtle was in Ravenclaw House and that her...

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COVID-19 pandemic

hotspots in other countries. Discrimination against Muslims in India escalated after public health authorities identified an Islamic missionary (Tablighi...

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Shooting of Philando Castile

Some of us were saying that there was some recklessness there, but that didn't stick because we didn't know what escalated the situation: was he really...

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Jake Paul

Scottsdale, Arizona, as part of the George Floyd protests, where it escalated quickly and people began looting the mall. Multiple instances of footage show...

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2015 in British television

This is a list of events that took place in 2015 related to British television. The entire series of Call the Midwife was successful in the ratings this...

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Network administrator

area for resolution. In the case of a network related issue, it may be escalated to a senior network engineer for restoration of service. Network administrators...

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Jim Crow laws

and 15,000 arrests. In Alabama in June 1963 Governor George Wallace escalated the crisis by defying court orders to admit the first two black students...

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Shooting of Tamir Rice

job), said he was attacked by prosecutors for saying that the officers never should have escalated the situation by rushing Rice, adding, "I've definitely...

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United States

insisted on administering the empire through Parliament, and the conflict escalated into war. The Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration...

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War in Donbas

groups escalated in early May, when the city administration building was briefly retaken by the Ukrainian National Guard. The pro-Russian forces quickly took...

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Charles I of England

and who quickly fell in much the same manner as Bacon had. James told Buckingham he was a fool, and presciently warned his son Charles that he would...

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List of The Sopranos characters

and Sheila Jaffe said that Jerry Stiller had been originally set to play Hesh, but due to scheduling issues, Adler was cast quickly. Hesh is an advisor...

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Grey's Anatomy (season 17)

announced that Richard Flood and Anthony Hill had been promoted to series regulars. In order to comply with COVID-19 protocols, Vernoff expressed that actors...

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Russo-Ukrainian War

April, demonstrations by pro-Russian groups in the Donbas area of Ukraine escalated into a war between the Ukrainian government and the Russian-backed separatist...

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Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey (born November 29, 1983), also known as Chescaleigh, is an American comedian, activist, television and YouTube personality, and actress, who has appeared on MTV and MSNBC. She gained media fame quickly after her YouTube commentary on racial issues went viral, and she built a career as a writer, producer, and performer based on her unintended activism, being thrust into a role as an advisor or coach on social issues.

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