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Velvet painting

Black Velvet Artist. Running Press Miniature Editions. ISBN 0-7624-1478-2. Bell, David (2017-05-07). "'People do hate them': Short history of those sofa-sized...

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The Nudes

formed in 1991. The Nudes released three albums: The Nudes (1993), Velvet Sofa (1996), and Boomerang (1998), and licensed recordings to an HBO series...

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Evelyn Nesbit

tour ending at the "mirror room", which was furnished only with a green velvet sofa. After they drank more champagne, Nesbit changed into a yellow satin...

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Taiwan Railways Administration

line, with one door per side, and in the interior there are carpets and velvet sofa seats. After the completion of the West Coast line electrification project...

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Les Wexner

quality merchandise and Victorian-era decor of the shop which featured red-velvet sofas. Wexner described Raymond as "very guarded" stating "When I met him,...

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and Belgium. House fabrics consist of linen, cotton, velvet and corduroy.[citation needed] Sofa.com also sells sofabeds, chairs and footstools and in...

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Kate Jackson (singer)

record with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. Songs included are "Velvet Sofa From No.26", "16 Years" and "Dancing In My Bedroom". In March 2010, she...

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Residences of Donald Trump

apartment on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, which was decorated with beige velvet sofas and goatskin tables. According to family friend Nikki Haskell, Donald...

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Walter Parks

Stephanie Winters. The Nudes released three albums: The Nudes (1993), Velvet Sofa (1996), and Boomerang (1998), and licensed recordings to an HBO series[which...

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Portrait of Baronne de Rothschild

over her ears and she wears a black velvet toque decorated with ostrich plumes. She is seated on a red velvet sofa, with her arms and legs crossed in a...

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Polar Bear (furniture)

fur due to its white fuzzy velvet upholstering. A 2019 article in Town and Country magazine described the design of the sofa as "Elegantly rounded and...

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Crush (singer)

SBS television drama It's Okay, That's Love. He then released the song "Sofa" in October. In 2015, he collaborated with Zion.T for the single "Just"....

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The Factory

on the sidewalk of 47th street during one of his "midnight outings." The sofa quickly became a favorite place for Factory guests to crash overnight, usually...

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Stephanie Winters

Walter Parks. The Nudes released three CD albums: The Nudes (1993), Velvet Sofa (1996), and Boomerang (1998), and licensed recordings to an HBO series...

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varieties, such as the murphy bed, which folds into a wall, the sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa, and the bunk bed, which provides two mattresses on two tiers...

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opened their first luxury theater in Vietnam with sofas and went on to offer the Sweetbox (a red sofa that seats two) in multiple theaters. In 2015, CGV...

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The Modern Lovers

bill for them. Richman spent a couple of weeks sleeping on Velvets’ manager Steve Sesnick's sofa before moving into the Hotel Albert, a residence known for...

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In the next scene, she is shown sitting on top of a brown coloured velvet sofa. Throughout her scenes, she only wears a single ensemble – soft pink...

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Vermeil Room

damask, the c. 1815 sofa on the south wall is attributed to Duncan Phyfe and upholstered in a pink silk lampas. On each side of the sofa stand Boston work...

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List of The Return of Superman episodes

worried. Daebak's new mission! It's to climb up the sofa. He tries to go to dad sitting on the sofa. But his legs are a little bit too short... 101 "Changing...

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Velvet painting

A velvet painting is a type of painting distinguished by the use of velvet (usually black velvet) as the support, in place of canvas, paper, or similar materials. The velvet provides an especially dark background against which colors stand out. Velvet painting is an ancient technique, and took on a new popularity in the United States in the late 20th century.

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