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VF Corporation

official "Outlet Capital of the World." The corporate name was changed from VF Outlet Village to VF Outlet Center in 2008. Today, the VF Outlet Center is...

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Ice cream van

summer. Ice cream vans are often seen parked at public events, or near parks, beaches, or other areas where people congregate. Ice cream vans often travel...

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Thoracic outlet syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a condition in which there is compression of the nerves, arteries, or veins in the passageway from the lower neck to...

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doing tricks in empty pools. Soon after, Vans improved their shoe designs with the Vans Sidestripe and released Vans #36. This has become known as the Old...

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Conversion van

the vehicle. Conversion vans came into style during the 1960s.[citation needed] Early conversions were considered camping vans, some having pop tops or...

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Automobile auxiliary power outlet

In most vehicles, at least one car outlet is present. Some vehicles, especially vans, tend to have more power outlets, usually one for the front passengers...

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The Outlets at Orange

The Outlets at Orange (former names The Block at Orange and The City Shopping Center) is an open-air outlet mall in the city of Orange, California in...

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outlet was repeatedly ransacked. The KFC outlet in Bangalore demanded, and received, a police van permanently parked outside for a year. The outlet was...

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Chevrolet Express

known as the GMC Savana) is a range of full-size vans from General Motors. The successor of the Chevrolet Van, the Express is also sold through by the GMC...

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List of poems by William Wordsworth

throwing" Memorials of a Tour on the Continent, 1820 1822 Memorial, near the Outlet of the Lake of Thun (XIV) 1821–1822 "Around a wild and woody hill" Memorials...

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List of Tanglin episodes (Episodes 1-508)

dyslexia. Bhaskar advises Salmah to try to help Amir by finding him a creative outlet and helping him develop his interests. A conflicted Meera worries about...

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Gastric outlet obstruction

Gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) is a medical condition where there is an obstruction at the level of the pylorus, which is the outlet of the stomach....

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Nissan NV (North America)

Advantage" program for its other vehicles. Production of the NV full-size vans is scheduled to end in the middle of 2021, with sales continuing through...

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Lake Van

the region. For much of its history, until the Pleistocene, Lake Van has had an outlet towards the southwest. However, the level of this threshold has...

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PVH (company)

segment. Phillips-Van Heusen closed its Geoffrey Beene outlet retail division in 2008. Approximately 25 percent of the Geoffrey Beene outlet stores became...

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List of TED speakers

Speaker Talk(s) John La Grou A Plug for Smart Power Outlets (TED2009) Yang Lan The generation that's remaking China (TEDGlobal 2011) Dawn Landes A song...

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List of The Return of Superman episodes

surprise them! Donggook is always in his sweats and he has come to a fashion outlet to become a fashionista! Taeyoung wants to make a lunchbox for Eugene and...

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Fred VanVleet

season by the 2013–14 team. VanVleet was named as a 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball All-American by a variety of media outlets. As a junior for the 2014–15...

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List of Annoying Orange episodes

88 After carelessly plugging in numerous electronics into one electric outlet while trying to soak in a jacuzzi, Orange causes the power to go out, and...

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Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. is a chain of discount supermarkets that offer discounted, overstocked and closeout products from name brand and private label...

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VF Corporation

VF Corporation (formerly Vanity Fair Mills until 1969) is an American worldwide apparel and footwear company founded in 1899 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company's more than 30 brands are organized into three categories: Outdoor, Active and Work. The company controls 55% of the U.S. backpack market with the JanSport, Eastpak, Timberland, and North Face brands.

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